“The View” Slams Melania, Ivanka Trump For Celebrating Women’s Empowerment In Saudi Arabia – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Melania Ivanka Saudi Arabia

By Shari Weiss |

The View Melania Ivanka Saudi Arabia


“The View” co-hosts on Monday slammed Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump for celebrating women’s empowerment in Saudi Arabia. Check out the video below.

The First Lady and First Daughter went to the country with Donald Trump for his first trip abroad. While there, the two women praised the Saudis for encouraging women’s empowerment when the country is actually known for being extremely oppressive towards women. On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg said, “People are having some questions about the idea of empowerment and what they were talking about.”

Joy Behar wondered how “much different” Trump’s mostly-male administration is from the male-run Saudi government. Sunny Hostin said of Melania and Ivanka, “I think it was a little tone deaf of them to say it’s about the empowerment of women… Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed outside without a male guardian.”

“I think it’s also a problem that Ivanka Trump’s fund is going to get $100 million from the Saudi government,” she also argued, pointing out that Hillary Clinton was previously slammed for taking far less for her foundation. Commented Jedediah Bila, “It’s not a little tone deaf. It’s a lot tone deaf. It’s bad.” She further criticized, “If you’re going to be First Lady or Ivanka, who often appears like she’s taking a First Lady role, then be educated about these countries you’re talking about.”

Behar also said in regards to the president, “Don’t think this little trip is giving you a pass. They’re still investigating you, darling.” Watch the video below.

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