“The View” Slams Logan Paul For Video Of Dead Man

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The View Logan Paul Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Logan Paul Video


On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts slammed Logan Paul for filming footage of a dead man and posting it on YouTube. Watch video of their reaction below.

Paul, known as a YouTube vlogger whose pranks sometimes straddle the line of good taste, ignited a firestorm on Sunday when he uploaded video from a trip to Japan. The clip showed an apparently deceased body hanging from a tree in a park that is unfortunately known as a common location to commit suicide. Paul claimed he filmed and shared the footage to “raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.” But he’s been slammed by many on social media, including celebrities, for seemingly exploiting the victim’s death.

Now on the ABC talk show, Meghan McCain stressed that Paul is a “huge YouTube star, and when I say huge, I mean millions and millions and millions watch every single video he puts online… Make no mistake, these are highly influential people.” Playing devil’s advocate, Whoopi Goldberg asked, “If you’re going to make statements about suicide prevention, wouldn’t that be part of your showing of this?”

“I think he’s a complete and utter insensitive idiot,” replied McCain. “And if you watch the video, he starts laughing and his friend starts laughing when they see a dead body hanging in the ‘suicide forest.'” She went on, “My fear right now is we’ve become so disconnected from each other because of technology, with our insistence to video things, that you aren’t responding in real time. And I think this is a perfect example of what happened.”

She continued, “YouTube has been censoring some of the videos that have come out of Iran, which just goes to show you can put a video showing a dead body that just committed suicide and you can get, I believe, 600,000 likes before it’s taken down. YouTube has to do a better job of censoring this type of thing.”

Ana Navarro, who was guest co-hosting, declared, “People have to have some damn common sense. This guy is just doing damage control [now]. He went there looking for a dead body.” Sunny Hostin admitted she “wasn’t sure” how she felt about the controversy, and wondered if it was similar to the backlash “13 Reasons Why” received for depicting suicide. Goldberg told her, “That’s not what this is.” So McCain asked, “Why is it so different?”

“Because you can’t show it and it laugh,” Goldberg told her. McCain agreed, saying, “And what if the suicide victim’s family didn’t know he committed suicide and the first time they saw it was on YouTube? There’s a lot of different levels of this that is insane. The insensitivity of some people, especially, again, people who are constantly trying to video things to begin with, I think is very dangerous.”

Goldberg went on to wonder, “Have we become a nation that’s so insensitive that it would never occur to us that maybe showing a dead body hanging from a tree might not be the best way to discuss suicide prevention when you’re snickering, when you begin to talk about it?” Navarro concluded, “I think people are looking for the clicks and the links and how do we get the eyes.” Check out the videos below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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