“The View” Reacts To Las Vegas Shooting, Debates Gun Control And Domestic Terrorism

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The View Las Vegas Shooting

By Shari Weiss |

The View Las Vegas Shooting


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the Las Vegas shooting. They also debated gun control and the definition of terrorism. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, 59 people were killed and more than 500 were injured when a gunman opened fire on a music festival on Sunday night. On Monday, the ABC talk show was pre-empted for continuing news coverage of the massacre. Now for its first broadcast since the tragedy, there was a solemn opening titled, “Remembering The Victims Of Las Vegas.” Following a montage of imagery from the shooting’s aftermath, the show’s set was shown darkened before the lights came up. Whoopi Goldberg said the nation was grieving, and asked her colleagues, “What’d you think when you first heard this? Was your thought why does this keep happening?

“I cried when I first heard it. I woke up to it, like most people,” Sunny Hostin said, noting that she’s already been emotional due to the devastation in Puerto Rico. She went on to bring up gun laws, saying, “After Sandy Hook, our nation made the decision that it is bearable to lose 20 babies… If we didn’t any change then, I don’t know that I will see change in my lifetime.” Joy Behar pointed out, “Our country did not make the decision. A handful of people in Congress made the decision.”

She argued, “It’s not that the country wants this. It’s that the politicians are not doing their job.” She brought up Bill O’Reilly calling the shooting the price of freedom, and countered, “I say no, this is not our price of our freedom. This is what the Constitution is supposed to protect us against.” Goldberg then started to say, “If this doesn’t wake folks up…”

She further commented, “What struck me is nobody called it what I think it is, which is domestic terrorism. And I say this because the guy who’s in office now always says terror… Is it just a lone gunman when it’s a Dylann Roof or it’s this guy?” Sara Haines pointed out that some have said it’s not terrorism because it wasn’t religiously- or politically-motivated. Hostin responded that there’s no federal law defining domestic terrorism, but, “This shooting clearly comes under the rubric of domestic terrorism for Nevada law… This guy was a domestic terrorist. He terrorized a country.”

Goldberg agreed, saying, “Terrorism is terrorism. When you shoot people the way this guy shot them, when you ram a plane into a building, when you blow up the Federal building, it’s terrorism… It doesn’t matter what his motivation was. He terrorized and has put terror into our hearts. Let’s call it what is.” And the notion that arming more people would aid in such situations is a “sick joke that they perpetuate on the American people,” Behar of the NRA and gun advocates.

Haines suggested that “when we find the why, we can start to trace or think we can start to trace, how to prevent this in the future,” prompting Behar to remark, “It’s a rich white guy. It’s a whole ‘nother world now.” Goldberg, however, insisted, “There’s no excuse for what these guys do, whether they’re born here or born elsewhere.” Behar then expressed, “What I’m afraid of is the news cycle will go away and it will go right back to where it was… We’re going to stop talking about this in a week.”

Hostin then brought up another aspect of the shooting, asking, “Why does our law allow someone to have 42 guns? Are you arming a militia?” For that point, the crowd applauded. Remarked Goldberg, “You do have to ask the question: 42? Nobody said, ‘Hey, this seems to be a lot of guns.'” Following a commercial break, Hostin lashed out at Donald Trump’s press secretary, who said yesterday that it was too early to talk about gun control. She exclaimed, “It’s too late to talk about guns right now, Sarah Sanders! We should be talking about it every day.”

“But no one does,” replied Goldberg, saying, “The things people are focused on are bizarre.” She then brought up Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on the shooting, and the way he called out members of Congress who voted against gun control. Expressing approval of such laws, she declared, “I don’t mind if you come in my business to make sure I’m not a danger to you or anyone else. You can’t buy marijuana but you sure can buy a damn gun… I don’t get that.” Goldberg also said they’d be listing those controversial legislators online. Check out the videos below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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