“The View” Praises Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show – WATCH VIDEO!

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The View Lady Gaga Super Bowl

By Shari Weiss |

The View Lady Gaga Super Bowl


Lady Gaga was praised for her Super Bowl Halftime Show on Monday’s “The View.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, on Sunday night celebrities reacted to Gaga’s halftime show performance with raves. Now on “The View,” the co-hosts added their applause to the mix. For the most part, that is.

“I was a little underwhelmed by it,” admitted Sunny Hostin, “maybe because I thought there was going to be this big political statement, and I didn’t get that.” But the panelist was shut down by some of her colleagues, who thought the set actually was pretty political. Joy Behar argued, “When she’s singing ‘Born This Way,’ that’s directly at Mike Pence.”

Whoopi Goldberg seemed to agree, arguing, “If you listen to her music and you listen to what she’s saying, yeah, she’s always been political. People don’t have to be political. They can just be, and she is political just by all of the stuff she’s done with the LGBTQ community, what she’s done for women. Not everyone does everything the same way, and it’s important to remember that.”

Jedediah Bila commented, “What I like about Gaga is she’s super talented and she lets the music speak for itself, and I’m able to watch that. It doesn’t feel like she’s trying hard to throw some statement in my face when I watch it. I feel like her lyrics and just her as a person, who she is as a person… sends such a powerful message.”

Paula Faris chimed in to say, “We know where she stands. She advocated for Hillary Clinton, and she was protesting outside of Trump Tower. But I have to say, I was glad that she didn’t go political, because we’re already so divided, and her message was to America, to every American, and I just want to say kudos.”

“Political people are always political,” added Goldberg. “She’s been who she is from the beginning, I guess is my point, and expecting her to do something would only have gotten her, ‘Oh, who you trying to be, Beyonce?'” Check out the full discussion below.

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