“The View” Debates Katy Perry “Swish Swish,” Taylor Swift Feud (VIDEO)

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The View Katy Perry Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

The View Katy Perry Taylor Swift


“The View” co-hosts on Friday debated whether Katy Perry’s new song “Swish Swish” is targeting Taylor Swift, and if the superstars are wrong to continue their feud. Check out the video below.

Early Friday, Perry released a new collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and many are speculating it’s about Swift, even though Perry herself said she wasn’t doing diss songs aimed at “any one person.” Still, on the ABC talk show, Joy Behar wondered if Perry is “clapping back.” And after playing a sample of the song, she cracked, “Maybe Katy should shake it off, huh?”

That sparked a debate, however, about whether someone needs to have the “last word.” Guest co-host Mark Cuban acknowledged that on “Shark Tank,” you “always” have to get the last word. And Paula Faris candidly admitted, “That’s one thing I hate about myself… I still have to get the last word in with my husband and just in general. It bothers me.”

Cuban noted, “There’s with your siblings and family when you always do it, and there’s [the] real world.” Behar was also frustrated by the drama surrounding Swift and Perry’s ongoing dynamic. “I just think when you have an argument, there’s two perceptions anyway, so it can go on and on and on. Katy thinks she’s right, the other one thinks she’s right,” she said.

All seemed to agree it’s a “marketing tool” for both of them, and Sunny Hostin pointed to fellow performers like John Mayer and Drake also writing about other people in their music. At one point, Sara Haines amusingly wondered if Perry and Swift are “secretly really close and we just keep playing this out.” Probably not, Gossip Cop would say. Watch the video below.

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