‘The View’ Debates: Will Kathy Griffin’s Donald Trump Photo Kill Career? (VIDEO)

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The View Kathy Griffin Career Over

By Andrew Shuster |

The View Kathy Griffin Career Over


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated whether the fallout from Kathy Griffin’s shocking photo of President Donald Trump’s severed head will permanently kill her career, or if she can make a comeback. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, venues around the country have canceled scheduled shows on Griffin’s Celebrity Run-In Tour in the wake of her beheading photo shoot. CNN also fired the comedienne from co-hosting its annual New Year’s Eve show, while the toilet company Squatty Potty dropped her from its upcoming ad campaign. “It’s rough on her,” Joy Behar noted during a “Hot Topics” segment on the morning talk show. “Do you think that she can come back or is she going to go the way of Michael Richards and Paula Deen?”

But Jedediah Bila asked, “Is it rough though? She was holding the severed head of a sitting president.” The co-host noted, “CNN is a news organization… They intend to deliver news on that president. They’re going to have someone on the network who did that? I don’t blame them for not supporting it.” Bila further contended that people should “fight to protect” free speech, but also understand that “it has consequences.”

Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin believed it’s “very, very possible” that the controversy will end Griffin’s career, but Paula Faris shot back, “Since when did we have to become such a high horse culture? We’re so quick to judge in our culture and it makes me scared for my children. Where’s the forgiveness in our society?” But Behar noted that some stars have in fact been forgiven for past misdeeds, offering, “Mel Gibson came back. The Jews in Hollywood are very forgiving of him, and he made some nasty antisemitic comments.”

Sarah Haines, however, argued that she’s unable to look at some performers the same way after they’ve committed an indiscretion. “There are some people that I have a hard time watching because of things they’ve done, so I just don’t believe their performance,” she explained. “I’m not protesting them, I just have a hard time relating to them,” citing Tom Cruise as an example.

“We’ve lost all this civility,” Hostin added of today’s society. “We’re so nasty. We’re so mean. When do we draw the line and say, ‘Actually, that is career ending.'” But Faris argued, ” Who are we to decide that someone’s life is over?” Behar, who’s certainly no fan of Trump, did admit, “There’s something very wrong about making some kind of a death threat against a sitting president.” But she added, “I still don’t think that she should not be forgiven for the rest of her career.” Watch the full segment in the video below.

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