“The View” Debates: Are Kamala Harris Interruptions Sexist? (VIDEO)

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The View Kamala Harris Sexist

By Shari Weiss |

The View Kamala Harris Sexist


“The View” co-hosts on Friday debated whether the interruptions of Senator Kamala Harris are sexist. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday about his ties to Russia, collusion during the presidential election, and his dealings with Donald Trump and James Comey. The Attorney General insisted he never engaged in anything inappropriate, but also refused to answer a number of questions. Celebrities reacted to the Senate hearing as it took place, and now the panelists of the ABC talk show weighed in.

Specifically, they focused on Harris being interrupted and admonished as she tried to question Sessions. She was also interrupted while interrogating James Comey at the previous Senate hearing. And after this latest instance, former Trump aide Jason Miller accused Harris of “hysterical” behavior.

Joy Behar thought Sessions had his “panties in a twist,” and in regards to Miller, she asked, “Do you think they would ever use the word hysterical against a male senator?” Responded Sunny Hostin, “They would never do it. And I know Kamala Harris. I think what’s so offensive [is] she is the most even-keeled, stately person that you will meet. And she’s a former prosecutor and she was using that experience to kind of cross-examine him. Don’t we want that?”

“We want that, but you have to let him qualify. You still have to let them finish,” countered Paula Faris. Hostin replied, “You don’t need to qualify so much when you’re telling the truth… He was trying to use up the time because each senator doesn’t get a lot.”

But Jedediah Bila disagreed, saying of Harris, “She doesn’t often times let people answer a question. That’s a fact… You have to be really careful in this country or anywhere when you label everything sexist. She’s a big girl. She’s smart. She’s capable. I don’t need to feel sorry for her in this situation.” Hostin yelled back, “Calling someone ‘hysterical’ is sexist!”

Still, Bila went on, “That’s fine, but… do you know how many headlines I read? ‘Oh, she was interrupted!’ So what?! We all get interrupted at this table. Nonsense. They interrupt men all the time… There’s real racism, there’s real sexism, there’s all of these ‘isms.’ There’s real examples of that, but when we rush to say this is sexist immediately all the time, or this is racist, we demean those actual instances.”

Sara Haines represented the middle ground, saying, “The incident itself may not have been, but Jason Miller’s choice of words then made it sexist in his description. You can say she interrupted someone or she didn’t give him a chance. To say she was hysterical, I’ll show you hysterical!” Watch the full video below.

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