“The View” Debates James Franco Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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The View James Franco Sexual Misconduct

By Shari Weiss |

The View James Franco Sexual Misconduct


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding James Franco and his denial. Watch the video below.

When Franco won at Sunday’s Golden Globes, a few people on social media, including Ally Sheedy, accused the actor of or alluded to him engaging in inappropriate behavior. During appearances on “The Late Show” and “Late Night” this week, he maintained he does not know what Sheedy is upset about, but he supports the #TimesUp movement and women coming forward to speak out. And during the “Late Night” interview on Wednesday, Franco said claims against him were “not accurate.”

Hours later, on Thursday morning, the Los Angeles Times released a story with new allegations against him, including forced oral sex. So, on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg asked her fellow panelists, “Where are we in all of this? Is it that we’re trying to figure out which ones are accurate? Are we giving it any time?” Joy Behar responded by saying of Franco, “That word ‘accurate’ struck me just now.”

She explained, “Because when you say something is not accurate, that means it could be true partly. He didn’t say it’s not true. He said it’s not accurate. It’s a little different, don’t you think? There’s a nuance to what he’s saying.” The comedienne argued, “So let’s say the girl accused him of whipping it out or whatever it is they’re doing these days and he didn’t quite do that, but maybe he forced her to look at it or something else, so it’s not exactly accurate.”

“You have to look at these on a case-by-case basis,” commented Sunny Hostin. “Right now we are in the #MeToo movement and as somebody who prosecuted sex crimes, I’m thrilled that women are banding together and feeling brave enough to come forward.” Still, she said, “But there’s the other side that people aren’t really talking about, which is we’re hearing that some people are coming forward [but] are they all being truthful?”

In Franco’s situation, Hostin remarked, “If you look at the five accusers that have come out against James Franco, and I’m not saying they’re lying, most of them have said ‘we were in an acting school and he made me undress during a nude scene and that makes me feel uncomfortable.’ There was an oral sex allegation against him by someone who he ended up being in a consensual relationship with… I’m not saying they’re not being truthful. We’ve got to encourage women to continue coming forward, but we do have to look at things case by case.”

Goldberg said, “One of the things I’m sorry about is when Al Franken said [he wanted an ethics investigation]. I want that. I don’t want to disappear people before they’ve gone through the thing. Because for me, we’ve lost a really good senator… So I want an ethics board, I want some board to take over some of this stuff so we can say, ‘Okay, yeah, this is what you did and that makes sense to us, so you need to get your behind out of here.’ ‘You, you just need a slap upside your head, ’cause you’re just doing stupid stuff.’ It’s hard to know.”

“It’s such a fine line,” Hostin said. “I don’t know how we do that without discouraging these women who for so very long felt that nobody would believe them.” Replied Goldberg, “As long as women don’t lose support for each other and we encourage each other, say, ‘Hey, we’re going to look at everything.’ Because sometimes it doesn’t work in our favor. We’ve had times when you all gathered together and said, ‘This is really messed up what’s happening,’ and you discover five months later it didn’t happen that way.”

KeKe Palmer, who was guest co-hosting, remarked, “The word sexual harassment is kind of like, ‘What does that mean?’ A lot of times I think what happens is people… they know they felt weird in a moment, they know they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t know how to explain it. And it’s not until moments later that they see, ‘Wait a minute. That’s what that was. I was being sexually harassed,’ and then they’re ready to come out.”

The colleagues agreed with that, and Behar went on to say, “I think we’re also sorting out the false equivalencies, too. There’s a difference between what Al Franken did and what Harvey Weinstein did… It’s on a continuum. That needs to be looked at.” And since Goldberg is an Oscar winner, as well as a member of the Academy and its Board of Governors, Hostin asked her, “Do you think this will affect Franco’s chances of being nominated?” She admitted, “I don’t know.”

Goldberg added following a commercial break, “The nominating process ends tomorrow, so we’ll know in a week or so. But one of the intersting things I’ve discovered during this process [is] this is the first time in history that five women directors possibly could be nominated for Oscars. It’s kind of amazing…. So I’ve not been devoting very much time to the dudes at all.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Franco was on “The View” back in September, at which time he defended his HBO show “The Deuce” over claims it glorified the sex industry and featured gratuitous nudity. Check out the new video below.

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