“The View” Reacts: James Comey Testifies About Election And Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

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The View Comey Testimony

By Shari Weiss |

The View Comey Testimony


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to James Comey testifying about the election and Hillary Clinton. Watch the video below.

Before the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Comey said he was “mildly nauseous” at the thought his October letter about Clinton impacted the election. But, he argued it would’ve been “catastrophic” had he kept quiet about the FBI’s investigation. Now on the ABC talk show, Joy Behar fired back, “What’s catastrophic is that he led us into the Trump administration.”

Sunny Hostin angrily commented, “When he said he has no other choice, that’s just not true. DOJ policy is very clear that you’re not supposed to talk about a pending investigation, which he did.” She said that an even more important policy is to not interfere with an election, which the lawyer maintains Comey also did.

Sara Haines thought Comey “minimized his options,” making it seem like he had no choice but to come forward or risk concealing something. Hostin pointed out that he did how, however, “conceal that Donald Trump was under investigation.” And Jedediah Bila admitted, “The whole story makes no sense to me, if I’m being honest.”

She brought up claims that Comey wanted to write a column explaining what was taking place. “Why is the director of the FBI writing an op-ed? The whole thing doesn’t make sense,” Bila declared. Whoopi Goldberg responded, “Nothing since January’s made any sense.”

Goldberg went on to complain about the continued focus on Clinton. “Why are we talking about somebody who didn’t win the election?… I’m getting tired of hearing her name bantered around,” she insisted. Then, referring to Trump, she said into the camera, “You’re the president, where’s your stuff?” Check out the video below.

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