“The View” Debates James Comey Leaking Donald Trump Memo (VIDEO)

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The View Comey Leak Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Comey Leak Video


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts had a heated debate about James Comey leaking his Donald Trump memo. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, “The View” initially reacted to Comey’s hearing and opening statement on Thursday’s show, which took place while the Senate proceedings were still going on. Now on today’s edition of the ABC talk show, the panelists could more fully weigh in on all that went down, particularly the former FBI director’s admission that he gave a friend a memo to leak to the media. Joy Behar kicked off the conversation by saying, “The president must really hate this guy, James Comey. Not only did Comey sing like a canary to the Senate Intelligence Committee, but he also is now more famous than Trump, which really ticks him off.”

After noting Comey’s role in leaking his memo about Trump, she asked, “Do you think he’s a rat or a whistleblower?” Jedediah Bila responded, “I think that’s awful, actually. He’s basically telling you, as the head of the FBI, he had an agenda.” Sunny Hostin promptly shot back that Comey was a “private citizen” when he passed on the document.

That didn’t matter to Bila, who said Comey is “making me mad” because he stayed in his job despite believing Trump was acting inappropriately. “If you thought he was obstructing, why did you keep your mouth shut?” she asked. An angry Hostin countered, “Because he was investigating it! I think James Comey is a patriot!”

That prompted Paula Faris to point out, “He’s also a patriot that many Democrats wanted to fire.” Sara Haines, however, defended Comey for not speaking up “in the moment.” “This is a new scenario. We all find ourselves with our jaws on the floor,” she said, explaining that there isn’t necessarily time to react appropriately to such shocking interactions when you’re “caught off-guard.”

She also objected to the complaint that the left is now cheering Comey after previously vilifying him. “The two points can exist. Democrats can say what he did with Hillary Clinton affected the election and was not right and we can still say why he was fired right now is also not right,” Haines insisted. Bila said “this doesn’t make sense to me” with both Clinton and Trump, but argued “the big issue” is that in his testimony, “there’s no implication of collusion with Russia, there’s no implication Donald Trump tried to shut this investigation down.”

“Of course there is! Are you kidding me?!” Hostin exclaimed in response. She tried to voice her strong disagreement, but Behar interrupted to bring up Paul Ryan defending some of Trump’s questionable actions by saying he’s “new” at this. Bila agreed with her here, saying, “There’s an issue here that he doesn’t properly know how to do this politics stuff.”

Faris was ready to give him a pass, encouraging the panelists to “put yourself in maybe the president’s shoes.” When she first joined ABC, for instance, she said, “I didn’t know the proper protocols and I got myself into a lot of trouble at first.” But Haines noted that in such a situation, the “first thing I do is surround myself with the smartest people in the place… we have not seen that” with Trump.

Behar snarked, “Which is it: Do you know more that the generals or are you a moron?” And Hostin, still fighting with Bila, emphatically declared, “The bottom line is, as the president of the United States, you should know how not to step on the very Constitution that your presidency depends on.” Check out the tense videos below.

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