“The View” Debates: Ivanka Trump “Complicit” In Dad Donald Trump Presidency – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Ivanka Complicit

By Shari Weiss |

The View Ivanka Complicit


“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday debated Ivanka Trump’s comment that she’s “complicit” in her dad Donald Trump’s presidency. Check out the video below.

In a new interview with “CBS This Morning,” Ivanka was asked about accusations that she’s “complicit” in her father’s controversial actions. She first said she didn’t know what it means to be complicit but then said she’s only complicit in being a “force for good.” Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists were divided on her White House role.

Sunny Hostin said, “I think the implication is she has her father’s ear and she may be doing things behind White House doors that we’re not knowledgeable about.” Whoopi Goldberg cracked, “Well, she must be whispering because he’s doesn’t seem to be listening.”

Jedediah Bila praised, “She stands on the right side of a lot of issues… I’ve seen some good things come through, but he’s got to listen [to her].” Hostin didn’t agree that Ivanka is stepping up in a beneficial way. “Where was she a week ago when he rolled back the order protecting women’s rights?” asked the former prosecutor.

Goldberg also argued, “She’s needs to do a little homework, so she can get to it before he starts to mess with it.” Sara Haines further noted, “This wasn’t a role we gave her… Throughout the campaign she touted herself as an advocate for women’s rights and also the environment,” but now she has been silent on some of those key issues.

A frustrated Hostin went on to exclaim, “Can we just call this what it is? This is pure and simple nepotism. Should she even be in this position?! She’s the daughter of the president! Why is she in the White House?!… She has no experience!” Still, Haines conceded, “I have more faith in her [than him].” Joy Behar shot back, “But that’s how low the bar is now.” Watch below.

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