“The View” Slams Ivanka Trump For “Tone-Deaf” Book – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Ivanka Book

By Shari Weiss |

The View Ivanka Book


Ivanka Trump was slammed on “The View” on Thursday for her “tone-deaf” new book. Watch the video below.

Trump’s new book, called Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, was published on Tuesday. To say reviews have not been kind would probably be an understatement. On The ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg noted, “[It’s] not working for a lot of women right now. Some are calling it tone deaf and vapid.”

She specifically pointed out a section that begins with a quoted passage from Toni Morrison about slavery. Trump used that to kick off her comments about being a “slave” to time. A disapproving Goldberg now led out a big sigh, and Joy Behar complained, “Why do they constantly use slavery analogies? Slavery was a unique system of oppression. It’s like using the Holocaust.”

Goldberg admitted, “I don’t think she understands that slavery actually was real.” She even went on to impersonate Trump, using a valley girl voice. Sunny Hostin expressed, “There’s a tone deafness that I think goes on with the Trump family, and Ivanka is proof of that.” In one part, Trump writes that “nothing is ever handed to you,” prompting Hostin to remark, “Except your daddy handed to you millions and millions of dollars so you could start your business.”

“Why is she even putting a book out right now?” asked Sara Haines. Cracked Behar, “Because her father needs something to read.” More seriously, Haines argued that Trump is only contributing to the “optics problems” plaguing her dad’s administration. She questioned why the First Daughter couldn’t “hold off,” arguing, “When in you’re the White House, you got to be choosing your lane a little bit.”

Jedediah Bila commented, “The book doesn’t bother me, but I think she would be better to speak to her own experience.” She criticized Ivanka for not acknowledging her “privileged life,” and for using quotes from famous people who are now saying they want no association with her. “I was confused as to why you would include anyone in your book you didn’t go to [for permission],” Bila said.

Goldberg agreed that Ivanka isn’t truly depicting her experience or sharing her authentic expertise. “You doing a self-help book is like me telling blondes how to dress… I just think she needs to find her corner and what she does,” said the moderator. Check out the video below.

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