“The View” Debates Non-Stop Hurricane Irma Coverage (VIDEO)

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The View Hurricane Irma

By Shari Weiss |

The View Hurricane Irma


On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated whether the non-stop news coverage of Hurricane Irma has been too much. Watch the video below.

More than five million people are without power after Hurricane Irma slammed Florida over the weekend. While the storm has weakened, many are still dealing with water surges and, of course, damaged property. The cable news channels had 24-hour coverage of the unfolding events, and several of the broadcast networks had extended hours-long news reports. Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists discussed whether the reporting was too sensational or appropriate.

Whoopi Goldberg began by noting that “the storm was the hot topic on television all weekend. Lots of reporters holding on, blowing around, blowing this way, blowing that way.” Sara Haines said that ABC wanted her to stress that the network “took efforts to make sure reporters were safe,” with some tethered to solid structures. “But there was nothing else you could watch,” she complained. “I know it’s important, but you have 24-hour news stations that maybe could’ve taken a break” to report on other topics.

Sunny Hostin agreed. She said, “I found it to be a little exploitative. I understand that reporters need to tell us what’s going on.” But she questioned why “they’re telling people not to go outside [when] they’re outside.” And with so many without power, “They can’t watch you. It’s just the rest of the world watching. It’s ridiculous.” Joy Behar, however, suggested that the coverage “tells the Rush Limbaughs of the world this is real. This is really happening, so get out now.” She was referring to Limbaugh initially claiming the hurricane was essentially a hoax. She also questioned those who say “this is not the time to discuss global warming.” Behar asked, “When is the time? When the water’s on your head?” She even argued that future hurricanes should be named after climate change deniers.

“I think it is the time to talk about it, because that’s when it’s on your mind,” Hostin similarly said, but Jedediah Bila argued, “Give it a minute… That’s not to say 24 hours later you can’t have that debate… [But] when people’s lives are being lost, you’ve gotta give it a minute.” Countered Haines, “You don’t want it to pass too far, though. You need to pull on people’s heartstrings when it’s issues like this, because politics is personal.” Bila went on to defend the reporters who participated in this weekend’s coverage, saying, “People forget there’s so much pressure on them… If you won’t do it, someone else will. There’s always someone who’s going to tell the story.”

She added, “There have to be people who are willing to go in there and be on the ground and tell you what’s happening.” Goldberg also said the public is at fault for “consuming it.” She asserted, “Give yourself a break. We’re so addicted to information like this, you couldn’t tear yourself away.” But Hostin still didn’t agree with the number of reporters who had to work during the storm. “I understand a meteorologist doing it, but why should I be out there covering it?” she asked. Behar then cracked, “You notice that Donald Trump wasn’t out there.” She even mimed his hair blowing off in the wind. Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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