‘The View’ Debates Donald Trump Being Compared To Hitler (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Hitler The View

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Hitler The View


The View” co-hosts debated on Monday’s show the comparisons being made between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Watch the video below.

“For years I’ve been hearing, ‘Don’t make comparisons to Hitler,'” Joy Behar said during the daytime talk show’s Hot Topics segment. But she then noted that celebrities including Louis C.K. and Bill Maher, as well as a sketch on the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” have pointed out the similarities between the Republican presidential candidate and leader of the Nazi Party. “Is that a fair comparison or is it over the top?” Behar asked the panel.

“Over the top,” guest co-host Jedediah Bila answered, but fellow guest anchor Sunny Hostin disagreed, noting, “There are a group of people that [Trump’s] message is resonating with, and that’s a message of discrimination, bigotry and misogyny.” Bila shot back, “When you’re talking about Hitler, though, that’s like equating Donald Trump to someone who wants to exterminate a whole race of people,” to which Hostin argued, “He wants to build a wall and torture people.” But Bila insisted, “You can’t equate border security with the extermination of Jewish people.”

Behar then presented side-by-side photos of one of Trump’s political rallies, and one of Hitler’s. Both pictures featured the politicians’ supporters saluting the men by raising their hands in the air, leading Behar to point out, “The comparisons visually are not good.” Co-host Michelle Collins revealed that all four of her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, and mentioned that although Trump isn’t targeting Jewish people, “I can’t even imagine being a Mexican person or a Muslim living in this country; How you must feel listening to him.”

But Bila continued to discredit the correlation between Trump and Hitler, maintaining that it’s a “big stretch” to associate the two. “You may hate his policy, that’s fine. He may drive you nuts… but he’s not a Hitler,” she concluded. Watch below the co-hosts of “The View” debate the comparisons between Trump and Hitler.


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