“The View” Argues Over Hillary Clinton “What Happened” Book Plans – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Hillary Clinton Book

By Shari Weiss |

The View Hillary Clinton Book


“The View” co-hosts on Friday argued over Hillary Clinton’s plans to release a book called What Happened about the presidential election. Check out the video below.

It was revealed on Thursday that Clinton’s memoir will explore her loss against Donald Trump. On the ABC talk show, Joy Behar kicked off the discussion by cracking, “I wonder if there’ll be a pop-up section for Anthony Weiner.” More seriously, she then brought up the argument that Clinton’s still “deflecting blame” for losing the election. That fired up Jedediah Bila.

“They don’t need her to turn around and put most of the blame on Russia. What they do need is for her to acknowledge she was a bad candidate. I don’t think she would’ve even been the candidate if the DNC hadn’t worked so hard to push Bernie Sanders out of the way and put her in,” she said. Bila continued to rant, “[Clinton] wasn’t charismatic. She skipped a whole bunch of states. She skipped the ground game in important states. She didn’t have a solid, cohesive message. And many Democrats have come forth and said, ‘We need to you to acknowledge these things so we can fix them within the party.'”

Bila declared, “I want to hear her say, ‘The primary reason I lost this election was because of me.'” Sunny Hostin, however, strongly disagreed, saying, “The bottom line is she was defeated by some forces that were outside of her control.” She pointed out the Comey letter and some people being sexist and against diversification as examples, and expressed anger that Trump’s vulgarity won out.

But guest co-host Tara Setmayer told her, “The American people did not care [about Trump’s vulgarity]. They were willing to push that aside to find someone who said they understood them… I’m not saying [he’s] great, but Hillary Clinton was a god-awful candidate.” She further called it “B.S.” that Clinton’s loss was due to factors outside her control. “Hillary Clinton’s been around forever. She’s responsibble for the reason why she lost,” declared the commentator.

Sara Haines said Clinton was “arguably one of the most experienced, prepared people, so I think when you look at what our choices were, for me there was a very clear, better choice.” Still, she acknowledged that Clinton had a problem with a “lack of messaging.” Bila responded, “But even on the point of experience, people had a problem within her party with her experience.” After some more fighting, Behar got the last word, pointedly quipping, “If she just wore pants and not a pantsuit, she’d be in the White House.”

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