“The View” Believes Hillary Clinton Rigged Democratic Primary Election (VIDEO)

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The View Hillary Clinton Rigged Primary

By Shari Weiss |

The View Hillary Clinton Rigged Primary


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts made clear they believe claims Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primary election. Watch the video below.

This week, former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile dropped bombshell allegations, asserting she had proof that Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were in cahoots against Bernie Sanders. She alleged Clinton kept the party financially afloat, and used that power to control the primary election. She did not outright accuse the presidential candidate of doing anything “illegal,” but rather “unethical.” Donald Trump has since seized on the claims, tweeting multiple times about how “Crooked Hillary” “colluded” to rig the election against “Crazy Bernie.”

Now on the ABC talk show, Joy Behar called the situation a “very bad thing,” and said Brazile gave “a lovely gift to Trump with this revelation.” She went on, “It’s not a pretty picture. It’s a nasty side. It’s not criminal. It’s unethical, maybe.” She added, though, “It’s not going to distract from the Mueller investigation, in case you’re wondering, Donald.”

“I didn’t like it at all,” Sunny Hostin said of the revelations. Noting that a former DNC secretary is a close friend and that she knows Brazile as well, the attorney said, “I believe Donna when she says this is what she’s found.” She further commented, “Something has got to change. If you want to win, you play fair and square. You don’t play these games. I was disgusted by this.”

Sara Haines said these allegations play into the perception that Clinton is untrustworthy and “kind of disappointed me.” And Meghan McCain pointed out, “For whatever you’re saying about the mockery of the Republican primaries… the RNC wasn’t trying to put the hand in the bag and get Trump elected.” Behar shot back, “The Russians were rigging the game.” Of comparisons between the two, Whoopi Goldbberg argued, “There’s no bad or worse… What I don’t understand is why did everybody wait to tell this information? Other people say they knew.”

When Hostin tried to insist the many did not know, McCain countered, “Don’t be naïve. The DNC convention, that’s all everyone was talking about, that this was a rigged election.” Goldberg then said, “Whoever knew, I’m mad at you, just like I’m mad at who went to Russia. That’s not how we do stuff… You can’t get a straight answer from either side [on what happened]. It’s ca-ca.” Responded Behar, “That’s why Bernie was mad. Bernie was mad with good reason. Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe Bernie could’ve won [against Trump].”

“This gives people another reason to think, ‘The system is rigged, why should I [participate],'” complained McCain, but Behar insisted this Democratic situation pales in comparison to the Republican one. “It’s still a false equivalency. One’s about a foreign government,” she stressed. Commented Goldberg, “It’s all crap. When we can’t defend what happened, there’s an issue.” She also said this shows it’s more important than ever for young people to be involved in the democratic process.

“We’re getting older. This is going to be yours and you better take care of it,” she urged. Interestingly, Brazile will be on “The View” on Tuesday. Check out the video below.

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