“The View” Debates Hillary Clinton Questioning Legitimacy Of Election

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The View Clinton Question election

By Shari Weiss |

The View Clinton Question election


“The View” co-hosts on Tuesday reacted to Hillary Clinton potentially questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. While Sara Haines wanted to move on from the issue, the other panelists didn’t agree. Check out the video below.

Clinton said in an NPR interview that aired on Monday that she would not “rule out” formally questioning the election process and the results. Her comment came amid an ongoing independent investigation into Russian meddling and whether the Trump campaign had any involvement. It seems her ultimate decision will depend on special counselor Robert Mueller’s findings. Now on the ABC talk show, the panel discussed whether Clinton’s stance is appropriate.

Sara Haines said, “It’s not a good conversation to be having. I don’t think it’s helpful. I get the book. I get the ‘why things happened the way they did so we can fix them moving forward,’ but we’ve all said, even she said when she talked about attending the inauguration, that this is what we do, we pass power off peacefully. We do all these things. I don’t think right now, it’s just not a conversation to have. If she wanted to say, kind of tongue-in-check, ‘We’ll see what Mueller comes up with’ and stuff that’s fine. But planting seeds of doubt in an already-divided nation when we’ve talked about Russia destabilizing a democracy, I think it’s our leaders’ time right now to say let’s just see what they find. Let’s be together.”

Joy Behar responded, “And they will do that, anyway. But as far as her delving into that this was an illegitimate election, I think she has plenty of evidence.” Haines called it “juicy” for the comedienne, prompting her to retort, “Not just for me, for the American people.” She added of Russia, “If they had dropped a bomb on us, we’d all be up in arms. Yet cyber attacking us is very dangerous… You have to investigate this. You can’t let this just go.” Haines argued, “Investigate it, don’t divide us further.” Behar shot back, “The country is divided already.”

Sunny Hostin was the next to weigh in, arguing, “I often think if the election was flipped on its head [and Russians helped elect Clinton], we would still be in election recount right now. Donald Trump would’ve unleashed a legal team.” Interjected Whoopi Goldberg, “Let me ask a question then: Say Mueller finds something, what do you think is gonna happen? What can legally happen? Because I don’t know that you can re-do the election.” She went on to ask if Vice President Pence could become president. Hostin answered, “It depends on the level of involvement, right?… You’re going to go down the line.” At the idea of going down the lines of the government according to the Constitution, Behar mimed shooting herself in the head.

And Goldberg pointed out, “If you have to go down through everybody, that goes on for four years and then we’re at a new election.” Haines then went back to her original point. “There’s a lot of people that say with this division, we’re not moving forward on anything, so to me it’s like, we can hypothesize and talk about what if and all this, or we can start fixing healthcare… If the scandal comes out because Mueller finds it, fine. But to just sit here saying what if, what if, I want people doing their jobs.” She added, “Having these discussions on the side aren’t productive.”

Goldberg, however, pushed back, “We have to have it now because you don’t want to have it at the time you discover you have to have it. You have to have some idea of what’s coming, and I don’t think anyone knows because we’ve never seen this before… It’s an important question and we gotta ask it.” Watch the full video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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