“The View” Halloween Video 2017: Co-Hosts Dress As Children’s Book Characters

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The View Halloween 2017

By Shari Weiss |

The View Halloween 2017


“The View” co-hosts dressed up as children’s book characters for Halloween 2017 on Tuesday. The special episode was called “Once Upon A View.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, “The View” celebrates Halloween every year with elaborate transformations. For example, the co-hosts were all cartoon characters on “The View” last year for “A Cartoon View.” Whoopi Goldberg was Marge Simpson while Sara Haines took on Smurfette. And in 2015, Goldberg and the panelists portrayed Disney villains, like Cruella de Vil and Ursula. For this year’s installment, the ABC talk show not only revealed the theme in advance, but also shared a “first look” photo of Meghan McCain in character as Little Red Riding Hood.

The actual live broadcast kicked off with the reading of a fictional book, “a storybook fable of the women who meet at the Hot Topics table,” inspired by the co-hosts. McCain was the first to make a grand entrance, actually riding in on a horse. Sunny Hostin followed as the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Joy Behar made for a hilarious Pinocchio, while Paula Faris was hidden in the audience as Waldo. A pregnant Haines came out as the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Last out was Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Goose, and she actually brought a real baby in a stroller, although the infant was quickly taken away.

Faris was excited about her “smokin’ sideburns,” while Behar took her hat off to reveal golden hair. “This is kind of like Pinocchio Trump,” she cracked. The comedienne actually had a pump that made her nose expand as she squeezed a button. McCain connected her red-fueled identity to being the “token Republican” on the show. And Goldberg explained that they chose the book theme, with a focus on kids’ stories, to promote children’s literacy. In fact, all of the audience members brought books to donate to charity.

Following the big reveal of their own costumes, they showcased kids wearing Hot Topics-inspired costumes in a segment called “Boo Are You Wearing?” A little boy came out hidden in a bush to represent Sean Spicer, while twins adorably depicted the solar eclipse. That was followed by another political costume, as a young girl came out as a post-election Hillary Clinton walking her dog through the woods. The next two kids had “Game of Thrones” costumes, and another kid was a human fidget spinner. The last one out brought it back to politics again, mocking Chris Christie in his beach chair.

After Haines went from a caterpillar to a cocoon, the co-hosts were joined by J.B. Smoove as the Mad Hatter. Goldberg did a funny reading from the comedic actor’s new book. Haines later transformed into a butterfly for the next segment, which focused on “ghoulish gadgets.” Yvette Nicole Brown later joined the fun as Glinda the Good Witch. Throughout the broadcast, there was also an amusing recurring segment called “Sunny Scare Cam” that showed all the times the producers secretly scared her in recent weeks. Of course, she was scared during the show, too.

It all led up to a performance by Christian Borle and the Broadway cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In a cute moment, the audience all opened up chocolate bars to see which had a golden ticket. As it turned out, they all did, giving everyone in the crowd two tickets each to the production. Check out the videos below! NOTE: Some of the videos are no longer available.

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