‘The View’ Defends Donald Trump After Hacker Group Anonymous Releases Personal Information (VIDEO)

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The View Donald Trump Hack

By Andrew Shuster |


The View” hosts defended Donald Trump on Friday in the wake of the hacker group, Anonymous, leaking the Republican presidential candidate’s personal information online. Watch the video below!

On Thursday, Anonymous posted a YouTube video encouraging people to investigate “this would be dictator,” along with links to pages featuring the GOP frontrunner’s alleged social security number, cell phone number, and other private information. “That’s not right,” said co-host Raven-Symone, and the rest of the panel agreed, with Joy Behar calling the secret organization’s video “scary.”

The daytime talk show hosts were also outraged that Trump’s son, Eric, received a letter in the mail on Thursday that contained a suspicious white powder. “That is really over the top, and that really creeps me out,” Behar stated. Guest host Sunny Hostin noted, “The fake anthrax envelope was sent to [his son’s] home and his wife opened it.” She sternly continued, “You have crossed the line. That’s his family. You crossed the line there.”

Behar further offered, “Leave the kids out of it,” to which guest panelist Marcia Clark added, “You leave the family out of it. That really went over the top for me.” Clark then went on to urge the other candidates to speak out against those trying to personally attack Trump and do his family harm. Watch the hosts of “The View” defend the presidential candidate in the video below!


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