“The View” Reacts To Greg Gianforte Body-Slamming Reporter Ben Jacobs (VIDEO)

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The View Reporter Body-Slammed

By Shari Weiss |

The View Reporter Body-Slammed


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte body-slamming a reporter. Watch the video below.

On the eve of Montana’s special election, Gianforte was asked by The Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs about the Republican healthcare bill and the CBO score. The politician allegedly became enraged and attacked Jacobs, slamming him to the ground. He’s since been charged with assault. The situation has dominated talk on social media, especially with voters going to the polls today.

Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg played disturbing audio of the incident, but noted “it’s not just the politicians” who are having “brawls.” Referring to fights on airplanes and the like, she asked, “Why is everyone on such edge?” Joy Behar said it’s because “the country is in trouble.”

“We’re being led by a child, basically. Someone who causes trouble, everywhere he goes he causes trouble. He says things that are inflammatory wherever he goes,” she angrily said, before showing footage of Donald Trump slamming the press in various media appearances. “He’s giving permission,” she argued.

Asked Sunny Hostin, “But do you think it’s fair to blame President Trump for this attack?” Behar replied, “I’m not blaming him directly. I’m not saying this caused A to B, but look at what you just saw. And that’s just a very small sample.” Jedediah Bila pointed out that Gianforte’s spokesperson blamed the “liberal media” for the altercation.

“Why are you bringing politics into this?” she asked. “Who did that [comment] sound like? That sounded like Trump… This is not about politics. It’s about assault.” And with seven out of 10 votes already cast, Hostin wondered, “Will he be elected nonetheless?” She also noted that “the Constitution allows” even for people with assault convictions to serve in Congress.

Hostin also declared, “I will say as a journalist, the media is under attack. Constantly under attack. We’re on the front line.” And Sara Haines asked, “Why would you run for public office if you can’t take a tough question?” Behar also stressed Gianforte’s alleged ties to Russia and history with the Trump family, while Goldberg highlighted that he fell behind in polling prior to this blow-up.

She also reminded that no one has corroborated his version of events, while witnesses are supporting Jacobs. Goldberg added at the end, “And just cause you call somebody ‘liberal media’ doesn’t mean you can put your hands on them. Sorry!” Check out the videos below.

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