“The View” Rips Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill, Defends Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

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The View Graham Cassidy Bill

By Shari Weiss |

The View Graham Cassidy Bill


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts ripped Senator Bill Cassidy and the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. They also defended Jimmy Kimmel for speaking out against the legislation. Watch the video below.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the last two nights, Kimmel has railed against Cassidy and Lindsay Graham’s proposed healthcare law, which medical organizations have also slammed. The senator claimed the late-night host doesn’t understand the bill, and he fired back that he’s not just a “dumb” comedian. In fact, analysts have said Kimmel’s interpretation of the damage this legislation would cause is spot-on, while Cassidy and president Donald Trump are not being truthful.

Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg showed a clip of Graham criticizing Kimmel, and footage of the TV personality’s strong response. “He seems to understand a lot,” observed Sunny Hostin of Kimmel. Joy Behar similarly said, “He seems to get it.” Goldberg exclaimed, “I think so!” Sara Haines detailed some of the problematic aspects of the bill, and Hostin said she consulted “expert associations” for their take. “[The bill] violates ‘First, do no harm.’ That’s from the American Medical Association,” she pointed out.

Hostin went on, “So, I’m thinking, do I believe the guy in the White House and the senators or the doctors at the American Medical association [and] the children’s hospital? And that’s who I believe.” Goldberg then told viewers, “If you have an issue with this, call your people, call your senators… We all understand the bill’s not perfect. Obamacare wasn’t perfect. No bills are perfect. Let’s try to fix the things that do work and leave the things that do. That is in our power. You can call.”

And Behar took issue with Kimmel also getting blowback from Chris Christie, who said the host is not a “serious” person. “That’s a put-down of a comedian, which I don’t approve of or appreciate,” she said, adding, “They really should be careful about screwing around with Kimmel… Just as Melania says, ‘When you hit, he hits back harder.’ Watch out for comedians.” Check out the video below.

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