“The View” Reacts: George W. Bush Calls Donald Trump Inauguration “Weird Sh*t”

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The View Trump Bush

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Bush


“The View” co-hosts on Thursday reacted to George W. Bush allegedly slamming Donald Trump’s inauguration as “weird sh*t.” Check out the video below.

As a former president, Bush was in the audience for Trump’s January inauguration. Now two months later, a report this week claimed Bush was heard saying afterward, “That was some weird sh*t.” On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg exclaimed, “I have to say, I concur, George!”

In fact, everyone seemed quite amused by the off-color remark, and Joy Behar actually praised Bush, saying, “He’s endearing in some ways. He has a very endearing personality.” They marveled that it took eight years for Bush’s approval rating to drop to 22 percent, whereas with Trump, “15 minutes and he’s in the toilet.”

Sunny Hostin agreed, “That inaugural speech was as weird as poop.” And Jedediah Bila went on to outline the key differences between the two Republican presidents. Noting Bush’s “humility, she said, “You couldn’t critique the character of the man. He would laugh at himself… You walked away and disagreed with him and it wasn’t personal.”

But with Trump, she said, “You feel like you’re being attacked all the time.” And later in the show, Bila actually called him a “liar” when discussing Trump’s healthcare flip-flop. Watch below.


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