“The View” Supports Equal Pay Day, Slams Donald Trump Over Fair Pay (VIDEO)

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The View equal Pay Day

By Shari Weiss |

The View equal Pay Day


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts supported Equal Pay Day while slamming Donald Trump for changing fair pay protections. Watch below.

On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg said, “It’s a day devoted to strengthening women in the workplace, though we are still paid about 80 percent of what a dude makes. And the current administration is celebrating today by revoking [the] Fair Pay and Safe Workplace order… Is this what we talk about when we talk about making America great again?”

Joy Behar commented, “Omarosa promised Trump would shatter the glass ceiling. This is not helping, Omarosa.” And Sunny Hostin lamented, “Our women and our women-led families are becoming impoverished by these policies.” But Jedediah Bila called the statistics Hostin shared “flawed.”

She argued that it didn’t take into account a number of factors, like experience. And when those are considered, she said, “it’s only a few percentage points difference” between male and female salaries. She agreed that even that gap “should be corrected,” but stressed that many numbers are “skewed.”

And Sara Haines brought up a tweet Ivanka Trump sent earlier in the day calling for equal pay. “I’m just curious today, as she tweets this, where was she when these two things were rolled back in regard to fair pay?” she asked. Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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