“The View” Reacts To Emmys Donald Trump Disses, Sean Spicer Appearance (VIDEO)

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The View emmys Spicer

By Shari Weiss |

The View emmys Spicer


On Monday’s “The View” the co-hosts reacted to the many Donald Trump disses at the Emmys, as well as Sean Spicer’s surprise appearance. They also debated whether politics and award shows should mix. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, host Stephen Colbert’s Emmy Awards monologue on Sunday was heavily focused on the president. And it culminated in Spicer unexpectedly coming out on stage to mock his own wrongful insistence about Trump’s inaugural audience being the largest of all time. In addition, throughout the night some stars got political with references to the White House. Since then, many celebrities have already slammed Spicer’s Emmy cameo, while early ratings have indicated that the Trump bashing did not bring in viewers. Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists shared their, well, views on the big, controversial night.

Whoopi Goldberg kickstarted the conversation by bringing up the negative reaction to Spicer’s involvement, and Joy Behar revealed she e-mailed journalist April Ryan, who agreed with those who thought his appearance was inappropriate. The comedienne quoted the press corps member, who infamously tangled with Spicer, as saying, “He owes people an apology” for telling lies on Trump’s behalf. Added Behar, “And I think that that part’s true. He’s a liar. Trump lies, and then he and Sarah Huckabee and the rest of them who have to go out there swear to the lies. And I think that they all owe the American people an apology, including him. And then I’ll have fun with you, Spicer.”

Jedediah Bila didn’t view the cameo the same way. “I think Hollywood and the media need to lighten up,” she declared. “This guy had a sense of humor… Your job [as press secretary] is to lie. If the president says something, you have to defend them. He went out there [at the Emmys], if you look at the audience’s reluctance to laugh, ‘Ooh, if I smile, what will [happed]?’ It’s ridiculous. Just have a moment.” She went on to complain, “Then you watch the whole show and it’s all anti-Trump. I say it all the time, and I made this a key point here: This is why Trump won.”

“Because when you make it Trump versus Hollywood and the media, Trump wins,” Bila argued. “When you marginalize Trump the way they do here on these awards shows, you marginalize his voters. That is a big segment of the country that felt ignored.” Goldberg took personal offense to those comments, and said, “I’m sorry, having come from there and being a celebrity, I don’t like being painted that way. Now there’s a lot of rotten stuff that goes on, yes. Do people have to lighten up? Yes. Now I have to tell you that if you decide to just say ‘this is who the issue is for,’ you also marginalize the rest of the American public.”

The moderator went on, “So the issue really is, listen, Sean, people want you to say, ‘Look, I did what I was supposed to do. I did my job, and no, it wasn’t as great a job as I thought I should do,’ and I think people would be fine with it. Because there’s nothing you can do when they guys are faced with their commander-in-chief, who says, ‘Go out there and this is what I need you to do.'” Responded Hostin, “But you don’t have to take the job.” Goldberg then suggested that Spicer didn’t know what he was getting into.

“I just kinda feel like we’ve been faced with all kinds of folks in that position, who have told all kinds of crazy stuff,” she went on. “And I think what irritates me more than anything is that no one is saying ‘Hey!’ when the person is doing it. We need to not do it when they’ve left, not get mad when they’re gone. Get mad now.” Notably, shortly before this segment, Bila announced she’s leaving “The View.” Check out the “hot topic” video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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