“The View” Co-Hosts Fight With Meghan McCain Over Eminem Anti-Trump Rap

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The View eminem Trump

By Shari Weiss |

The View eminem Trump


The veteran co-hosts of “The View” fought with new panelist Meghan McCain on Wednesday over Eminem‘s blistering rap about Donald Trump. While they all thought it was “brave” of him to speak out so forcefully, the conservative commentator did not agree. Check out the video below.

For the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which aired on Tuesday, Eminem did a freestyle rap in which he slammed the president on a number of issues and said he doesn’t want Trump supporters as fans. After showing a clip on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg declared, “You can’t get much clearer than that.” But, she noted, “Some people have suggested this might isolate some of his fans.” Commented Joy Behar, “That’s why you have to give him credit. Very few people in the industry will go out and say, ‘I don’t care if you don’t support me. This is more than important than my popularity.'”

Sunny Hostin said she was getting her hair done as she watched the awards show, revealing, “The salon just roared when that happened, and it does take a lot of bravery to put your career on the line to say we should be talking about Puerto Rico, we should be talking about Vegas, we shouldn’t have a Twitter fight with the Panthers. I just thought it was very brave, and we’ve had this discussion all the time, where people with a platform, should they use their platform to make these kinds of political statements? I think yes.”

Countered McCain, “I call B.S. on saying that it’s brave to call out the president. It’s more brave to be a conservative in Hollywood. I know friends personally who have been blackballed for their political beliefs.” Though she said she likes Eminem, McCain brought up past inflammatory lyrics, and argued that all Republicans are wrongly being branded as “Nazis and the worst and awful” because of Trump. She questioned if Mike Pence would spark the same connotations if he was president. Goldberg said she didn’t know, but pushed back, asserting, “People, when they speak their mind as themselves, it is a brave move, because it’s very dangerous and people will take you out.”

“But it’s more socially acceptable to be a liberal in Hollywood than it is to be conservative,” McCain said. The moderator shot back, “It’s actually not acceptable.” The EGOT winner went on to school McCain a bit on the history of Hollywood, rejecting the noting that it’s always been liberal. “Hollywood fluctuates depending on who is in. And I don’t mean who is in office. I mean who’s in style,” she said. And, going back to Eminem, Behar noted, “The reason I think he’s so brave is because he has something to lose.” She made the argument that Senator Bob Corker is only speaking out against Trump because he’s retiring, while other members of Congress are not doing the same.

“That is not true,” McCain tried to argue. Pointing out that she used to work in Los Angeles, she insisted, “I’ve never been more harassed for being a Republican than I was in the time that I lived there.” McCain did backtrack a little, saying, “It is brave, all artists making a stand, all commentators making a stand,” and praised her colleagues. She then said, however, “But you talk to people like Tim Allen, it’s more socially acceptable to be an Obama supporter, to be a Hillary Clinton supporter, to be a Bernie supporter than it would be to be any conservative supporter.” Retorted Goldberg, “Except that all the conservatives are working. There the ones who have the jobs.”

Sara Haines, entering the fray, did acknowledge that people are “picked on for being conservative,” but also stressed that it’s happening on both sides. She went on, “My point being, for every action there is a consequence. You’re talking about a popular artist who’s income is based on these people purchasing his stuff, and he’s willing to say, ‘I’m going to draw this line in the sand, which means I will feel this possibly in sales, but it’s that important.'” Hostin then quoted D.L. Hughley, saying, “When you give voice to the minority, you run the risk of offending the majority. And that happens all of the time. And that’s what’s going to happen with Eminem.”

McCain interjected on a “side note” to mention that Eminem did give her father John McCain a “very nice shout-out” in his rap, “so it’s a little awkward to be saying this.” She then went right back to speaking about a divide. “But most conservatives only get one person on every panel, except for Fox News, so there is an element to being a minority in being a conservative in mainstream anything,” she said. Hostin did not seem to appreciate the term “minority” in this instance, snapping back, “I’ve been a minority my whole life. You’re not the only one who has experience there.” Watch it all go down below.

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