“The View” Slams Dwayne Johnson For Wanting To Run For President (VIDEO)

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The View Dwayne Johnson President

By Shari Weiss |

The View Dwayne Johnson President


“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday slammed Dwayne Johnson for wanting to run for president. Check out the video below.

Johnson has said he wants to seriously consider running in 2020, and his fans seem supportive. The panelists on the ABC talk show? Not so much. Whoopi Golderg made a face expressing her disapproval, and Jedediah Bila declared, “That’s not going to happen.” But neither of their reactions compared to that of Sunny Hostin.

“No. No. No. You have to have qualifications to run the country,” Sunny Hostin declared, prompting Bila to crack, “Do you, though? Do you?” She was, of course, referring to current president Donald Trump. Hostin was seriously concerned, though, asking, “What is next? Are we going to have Martin Sheen from ‘The West Wing’ run for president?At least he has [fictional] experience. Maybe President Fitz from ‘Scandal?'”

But while they weren’t on board with The Rock’s plans, Sara Haines argued, “Between Donald Trump and Dwayne Johnson, though, I will take the lack of experience if you get a person with integrity.” And Joy Behar amusingly quipped, “I will take any rock. Not just the rock. Just a rock.”

But Hostin was still insistent that Johnson is not qualified. “Why can’t The Rock run for city council? City council, mayor, governor,” she pointed out. Bila saw another “big, big lesson” here, suggesting that Trump’s presidency will make people want the “opposite.” Goldberg had a somewhat similar opinion, asserting that Trump’s lack of experience was only a non-issue because certain populations wanted the opposite of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“I have felt that a lot of what we saw had to do with people saying, ‘The guy who I think should be parking my car has been running my country. Now you want my mother-in-law to come in, too? Hell no! We’re going all the way to other side,’ and that is not good either,” the moderator said. She added, “We have to base all of this on what’s best for the U.S.” But it seems “The View” doesn’t think Johnson would be best. Watch the video below.

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