“The View” Debates: Donald Trump Women’s Speech, Ivanka Trump White House Job – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Donald Trump Women's Speech

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump Women's Speech


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated Donald Trump’s speech about women’s empowerment and Ivanka Trump’s White House job. Watch below.

During an appearance on Wednesday, Trump touted his “cabinet full of women.” The ABC talk show replayed footage of his remarks, which led Whoopi Goldberg to exclaim, “Where’s the cabinet full of women?” To make a point about Trump’s administration not embracing female input, the moderator showed the viral photo of male Republican lawmakers working on women’s healthcare policy.

“I’m only pointing this out because this meeting in particular is about whether women should have paid maternity leave,” Goldberg said. “Maybe he means the medicine cabinet? They’re all in the bathroom!” Sunny Hostin countered, “To be fair, he has four women in his cabinet.” And that amount is in line with some past presidents.

But Goldberg shot back, “He didn’t start with any. We had to shame him to put some in there.” And Hostin did acknowledge, “He does have the least diverse cabinet that we’ve seen, I think, since Nixon.” Jedediah Bila, however, was not concerned, and actually said, “That’s one area I do give him credit for.”

She gave the president props for putting “the best person in there,” regardless of gender, and touted Trump’s work with Kellyanne Conway. Rather, Bila argued, “I think Donald Trump’s biggest issue is not how many women he has in his cabinet, but whether women feel he’s going to help him.” Still, Sara Haines questioned Trump seemingly ignoring
sexual orientation, race, and gender.

The conversation went on to address Ivanka’s new official role in her father’s administration. “I am supremely uncomfortable that he has put her into a formal White House position,” Hostin said. “We’re not talking about a dynasty running the United States. This is supposed to be the government.”

Though it seems to be a “violation” of ethical laws on nepotism, Goldberg thought, “At this point, that’s the least of our worries. It’s women’s month, and you look at all the stuff they want to make disappear with women.” She went on to exclaim into the camera, “Without us, you wouldn’t exist!”

The panelists also marveled over some women continuing to support Trump, and Goldberg suggested it’s because some still don’t realize “what you see on the ‘Apprentice’ is not real.” Check out the video below.

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