“The View” Reacts: Donald Trump, Barack Obama Wiretapping Claims (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Obama Wiretap

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Obama Wiretap


“The View” co-hosts on Monday reacted to the Donald Trump and Barack Obama wiretapping claims. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Saturday Trump accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential election. Celebrities reacted to both the allegations and to FBI director James Comey asking the Justice Department to refute the accusations. But so far, Trump’s administration is not backing down.

Now on the ABC talk show, which is filming in Disney World this week, Whoopi Goldberg brought up the situation by jokingly asking, “Jedediah, have you been tapping my phone?” Jedediah Bila quipped in response, “Obama did it.” More seriously, the moderator later said of Trump’s claims, “Realistically, what is the chances of this? I think Obama was packing, trying to get out of there” during the election, as opposed to spending his time secretly trying to take his successor down.

Referencing her work as a prosecutor, Sunny Hostin noted how difficult it is to get clearance for wiretaps, and explained how Obama “unilaterally” could not have done this. Bila went on to comment, “If it was done legally, then there was legal justification for that, which means they believe a crime may have been committed… Maybe [Trump] shouldn’t be tweeting this if you’re suggesting something so serious.”

And Joy Behar insisted that Obama was “scandal-free” during his presidency, and questioned why he would suddenly be devious. “Why would he after all this time change his spots?” she asked. Check out the full video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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