“The View” Reacts To Donald Trump Going On 17-Day Vacation As Grand Jury Impaneled

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The View Trump Vacation Grand Jury

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The View Trump Vacation Grand Jury


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump going on a 17-day vacation after it was revealed a grand jury has been impaneled in the Russia investigation. Watch the video below.

Joy Behar started the segment by rattling off a number of ongoing issues, including special counsel Robert Mueller orchestrating a grand jury to hear evidence on Russian meddling in the election. She then cracked what while “Rome burns,” Trump is responding by going on vacation in New Jersey. In his defense, Paula Faris pointed out that all of the West Wing is leaving the White House as a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is installed, along with other renovations.

Still, Sunny Hostin noted that with this trip, Trump “will have spent 53 days in office playing around, compared to the 15 days President Obama took” by August 2009. And Sara Haines said that’s exactly what “annoys” her, because he “came down hard on President Obama” for vacationing or golfing. Behar then quipped of Trump, “He can look forward to an extended stay at Riker’s Island.”

Hostin went on to say, “I think the fact that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury is serious business.” And while Faris said “that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to expedite the process,” Haines responded that “it does mean it’s criminal now,” and Hostin, as a former federal prosecutor, remarked, “It tells me that Mueller thinks something’s there.” Jedediah Bila also commented, “If I was [Trump], I’d stop talking about Russia, I wouldn’t go on vacation… Talk about what you’re gonna do for people. And if we don’t see what you’re doing front and center, tell us what you’re doing behind the scenes… This nonsense is so distracting. I wish he’d just do his job.”

Behar concluded, “He must be scared. I would be if I was him… You notice he doesn’t give a press conference anymore? It’s because he doesn’t know anything.” Faris, however, took issue with the comedienne’s frankness. She said that regardless of Trump’s behavior, “I feel like some of us are also acting beneath the dignity of the office… You have to be the bigger person.” Retorted Behar, “No matter what do we, Paula, we’ll never go as low as him.”

There was another dispute over the new cover of Newsweek, which deems Trump a “lazy boy.” While Behar thought it was spot-on, Bila argued covers like that are “why he won.” She insisted, “When people look at this out in the country, they say it’s media bias.” As evidence, she showed past covers that had flattering depictions of Obama. That led Hostin to attribute the difference to Obama being a “man that leads with dignity.” Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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