“The View” Debates Whether Donald Trump Will Throw Don Jr. Or Jared Kushner Under The Bus – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Don Trump Jealous Kushner

By Shari Weiss |

The View Don Trump Jealous Kushner


“The View” co-hosts on Friday debated whether Donald Trump will throw Donald Trump, Jr. or Jared Kushner under the bus. Check out the video below.

On the week-ending live episode, Joy Behar brought up a report that alleges Don and his brother Eric are jealous of Jared’s relationship with their father and his role in the Trump administration. “It’s so sad,” she said with mock sympathy before cracking, “Relax, boys, there’s plenty of subpoenas to go around.” Paula Faris agreed that the brothers are probably “feeling angst and a little bit of jealousy.”

“He’s part of Ivanka. He does like Jared. But if it came down to it, I think he’d pick one of his children because it’s like the mafia. It’s all in the family,” Sunny Hostin argued. Jedediha Bila pointed out, “Jared gets a lot of attention, though. Jared was on the cover of Forbes, and if you remember, Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily like that… Donald likes to be the number one.” To that, Sara Haines hilariously quipped, “What makes you think that?”

Bila continued, “I don’t know if it’s necessarily going to help Jared because the higher you rise in there — as long as you stay out of Donald’s way he’s okay with it. But once you start to threaten, you get more of the media attention, people view you as making more of the decisions.” Hostin amusingly pointed out, though, “Jared doesn’t even talk. Has anyone even heard his voice?”

And while Trump has disparaged many close to him and in his administration, Haines noted, “We have yet to see him do that to a family member… If he throws Jared under, Ivanka goes, too.” That prompted Behar to ask, “So, bottom line, if someone’s holding a gun to his head, who’s he going to throw under the bus?” Everyone at the table got a vote, and somehow “pee pee tapes” became involved. Watch the video below to see what went down!

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