“The View” Reacts: Donald Trump Told Comey To Stop Flynn Investigation

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The View Trump Comey Flynn

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Comey Flynn


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump allegedly telling James Comey to stop the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. Watch the video below.

On Tuesday, one week after Trump fired Comey, multiple outlets reported the president had asked the now-former FBI director to end the investigation into Flynn’s ties to Russia. Comey reportedly detailed the request in an official memo. The White House, however, maintains the claims are false.

Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg began by saying, “Just when you thought the topic of the week would be spilling secrets to the Russians, something crazier happens. He outdoes himself.” Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor, said one of the first lessons she learned was, “If it happened and you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen.” Noting Comey came from a law background, she was convinced “he wrote it down” and the memo was real.

But Joy Bear still thought it’s “his words against” Trump’s, because even if the memo exists, the president can refute what it says. The panel also wondered if Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions, who were allegedly asked to leave the room during the purported conversation about Flynn, will back the president. “It’s possible. Remember, they’re liars,” insisted Behar.

Jedediah Bila didn’t think Pence would “sacrifice himself for Trump,” and Sara Haines suggested the vice president hasn’t been complicit in lying but rather cluelessness. “I think the reason there’s so many inconsistencies is some are lying, some are not… I think they keep people out of the loop,” she said. Agreed Bila, “It’s Trump and then it’s everybody else.”

Goldberg pointed out that some of the reaction to each of Trump’s scandals is that the problem isn’t the president, but the media. Reading aloud the First Amendment, she rejected that spin. “You cannot in a free society hold back the press, because then, of course, that makes you like the Taliban, which you keep saying you’re not. Freedom of the press means no official poops on them,” the moderator said.

She also expressed frustration that all these scandals and credibility problems are distracting from policy issues. “If the guy who was supposed to be taking care of business cannot be trusted… I just feel it’s ridiculous that we keep talking about this. It’s a problem,” she complained. And Behar accused the Republicans of “hiding” and not calling Trump out. She argued, “They should be [saying], ‘This is disastrous. This is a nightmare.'”

Bila countered, “They are! I see a lot of people who are saying this does not look right.” And they did read off names of Republicans who have been speaking out. And, going back to the main allegation, that Trump wanted to curtail the Flynn investigation, Hostin declared, “That is pure and simple a federal crime. That is obstruction of justice, and that is an impeachable offense.”

From there, the conversation segued into a discussion about all this information leaking. Bila asserted that Trump is right to be upset there’s leaks, but said people can “also be concerned about the content of the leaks.” Behar admitted she finds the leaks “encouraging,” because it means “there’s people [on the inside] who are not putting up with this.” She also pointed out that Trump is leaking himself, referring to him sharing intelligence with the Russians. Check out the video below.

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