“The View” Urges Donald Trump To Sign Joint Resolution Condemning White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis

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The View Donald Trump White Supremacists

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump White Supremacists


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts urged Donald Trump to sign a joint resolution condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Whoopi Goldberg even yelled directly at the camera, “Sign it!” Watch the video below.

The House and Senate both passed a proclamation condemning hate groups in the wake of the violent Charlottesville protests and called on Trump to do more to fight extreme racism and anti-Semitism. As Goldberg noted, it’s now “up to the current resident [in the White House] to sign it.” But, she wondered, “Is signing this going to change anything?” Jedediah Bila didn’t directly answer the question, instead commenting, “What’s great about this is that it’s so hard to get anything done in Congress, as we all know, and this passed in the House and the Senate with unanimous consent. That, as we know, is almost impossible, so good for them. It shouldn’t have taken this long, frankly, but I’m glad that it happened.”

Bila continued, “But I’m proud in particular of Republicans who are willing to call out their own representative here. Trump was a very poor representative of the party on this issue… Thank you for standing with Democrats all together and saying, ‘We don’t condone this and we don’t support a president who does,’ and forcing him to condemn this.” That prompted Joy Behar to say incredulously, “Think about this for a minute. You have to force the president of the United States to denounce racism. You have to force him!” Sunny Hostin added, “Isn’t that incredible?”

Behar then cracked, “[Chief of staff] General Kelly is going to have to hold his little fingers to help him sign it.” Sara Haines, however, was concerned that simply signing the bill won’t have an effect. “His base listens to his Twitter account and they listen to what comes out of his mouth. They don’t pay attention to some of these legalistic things that come through,” she argued. And Hostin wondered, “Isn’t he just going to say he already denounced the white supremacists?” But Haines said by making this a bipartisan resolution, Trump will be required to take action. “The fact that they came together, that was strategic,” she noted.

At this point, Goldberg exclaimed, “Sign the thing!” She forcefully went on, “It shouldn’t have taken people to call you out. You’re president of the United States, supposedly. It’s your job to say neo-Nazis are not welcome… Take care of business!” Behar, however, said, “The fact remains that the neo-Nazis are part of his base and he doesn’t want to alienate them.” Still, Goldberg insisted, “I got that. But sign it!” Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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