“The View” Reacts To Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin Secret Meeting (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Putin Meeting

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Putin Meeting


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump allegedly having a secret meeting with Vladimir Putin. Watch the video below.

On Tuesday, it was reported Trump secretly met with Putin for nearly an hour at the end of a dinner for G20 leaders earlier this month. Only a Russian translator was present, with no American record of the conversation. Trump responded to the claims by asserting it was all “fake news” because the dinner itself was known.

Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the live episode by taking on a Russian accent to declare, “Well, another day, another Russian revelation.” Sara Haines immediately brought up the bad “optics,” and the Trump administration apparently not realizing that continuing to hide Russian dealings is a poor look. “I don’t know why they’re not picking up on it. How many times do we have to take a lap around this to realize we want to know? Without the media, we wouldn’t know,” she said.

Commented Joy Behar, “The thing that’s unbelievable is the translator is from the Kremlin. So the only person speaking English and Russian in the room is one of Putin’s guys.” Sunny Hostin remarked, “It’s frightening, and the Kremlin is the only one who has a transcript of the meeting.” She pointed out that such meetings are typically arranged by the Office of the Chief of Protocol, which has been without a head since Trump’s term began. “So they literally don’t know what they’re doing,” Hostin asserted.

Jedediah Bila, however, thought the situation was being blown out of proportion. “This did not look like a story to me. You’re at the G20, which is heavily publicized, the media was there,” she said, arguing, “To me, this could’ve been a very casual conversation.” Bila further said, “I understand why, if you had a history with Russia and everything going on, I would not have made this decision, but I don’t think this is the story to run with.”

Behar responded by pointing out that this purported meeting is just a piece of a puzzle that also includes Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn. “It’s all of them and nobody knows why he loves Russia so much, why he loves Putin so much,” she complained. Hostin also asked, “Do you think Putin would really sit with someone for one hour to mingle? Does he strike you as a mingler?”

Goldberg’s beef was a matter of hypocrisy. She contended Barack Obama was vilified for his connection to Jeremiah Wright, while “this is just like, ‘Oh, it’s just Putin! Don’t even worry!'” Still, Bila insisted, “All I’m saying is that it’s easy to look at someone you don’t like and look for the story… There’s plenty on Russia I don’t like. I don’t think it’s this instance.”

Behar again rejected her dismissiveness, saying “there’s too much smoke here,” and Goldberg also repeated, “This whole Russian groove, I’m just kind of shocked at, particularly because of all the hell Obama got for [just] knowing people.” Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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