‘The View’ Debates Donald Trump’s Press Conference (VIDEO)

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The View Donald Trump Press Conference

By Andrew Shuster |

The View Donald Trump Press Conference


The View” co-hosts debated Donald Trump’s conduct at the press conference he held on Wednesday. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the president-elect got into a heated exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta while answering questions at Trump Tower on Wednesday. Trump refused to allow the newsman to ask him a question and called his organization “fake news.” On Thursday’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin expressed her displeasure with Trump’s behavior.

“I worked at CNN for six years and I know Jim Acosta,” Hostin noted. “He is an excellent reporter. He is above reproach and the way he was treated by our president-elect was inappropriate and I’m angry about that.” She continued, “I think we should all be concerned about that exchange that we just saw because it’s about freedom of the press.”

Sara Haines, however, offered the counterargument, “I do think perpetuating fake news when you’re a media outlet, or one that has not been corroborated or checked, is irresponsible.” But Joy Behar contended that CNN’s report about Trump’s possible ties to Russia was “not fake news,” but “unsubstantiated news.” She explained, “There’s a difference. Fake news is when you deliberately put something that’s false out there.”

Unlike CNN, Buzzfeed released a full dossier of uncorroborated allegations about Trump’s supposed sexual proclivities and secret ties to Vladimir Putin. Regarding this, Jedediah Bila said, “I had a big problem with what Buzzfeed did initially. Just because they came out and said this stuff is unverified… But here’s all the information.”

Bila went on to say there was “nothing wrong” with CNN’s report,” and “it’s incumbent upon Trump to make the distinction.” She added, “Yes, you can have a problem with Buzzfeed, but don’t make a generalized statement about the mainstream media and group CNN in for something they didn’t do.”

Behar then joked, “How about the irony of a fake billionaire with a fake tan, and a fake university, and a fake foundation, worrying about fake news.” And finally, Whoopi Goldberg offered, “People have to really start to listen when somebody says ‘fake news.’ You have to question that. Is it fake because you don’t want me to hear this, or is it fake because it doesn’t make any sense that there’s a white slavery ring in the back of a pizzeria?” Watch the full video below.

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