“The View” Reacts: Donald Trump Thought Presidency Would Be “Easier” (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Presidency easier

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Presidency easier


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump saying he thought the presidency would be “easier.” Watch below.

In a new interview with Reuters, Trump said he expected it would be “easier” to be president. He also complained about what he can’t do anymore, and shared how he “loved” his old life. The interview came just before Trump hit the 100-day mark in his term.

“Am the only one who feels like it’s been a thousand and fifty days?” Joy Behar asked on the ABC talk show. She then told the president, “Donald, we feel your pain. Go back to your old life. We’ll do anything to support your decision. I’ll watch ‘The Apprentice.'”

Sunny Hostin asked, “Isn’t it interesting he didn’t know what he’d be missing?” Calling Trump one of the “least prepared” presidents, she said he could’ve done “a little bit of research” to see what past commanders-in-chiefs have said about lifestyle changes that come with the job. Sara Haines wondered, though, if Trump was trying to apologize to former president Barack Obama.

“I thought it was pretty vulnerable to admit, ‘Oh, it’s harder than I thought,'” she said, suggesting Trump was trying to say, “‘Maybe I was a little quick to judge President Obama.'” But guest co-host Ken Jeong, who was a doctor before becoming an actor, wasn’t buying it, explaining that he couldn’t be unprepared after all his medical training.

Hostin similarly said, “I trained to become an attorney and then I became a federal prosecutor. I can’t imagine walking out to the jurors and saying, ‘Man, this job is really hard, ladies and gentleman.'” Check out the video below.

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