“The View” Reacts To Donald Trump Calling Overseas Trip “Home Run” (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Overseas Trip

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Overseas Trip


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump calling his first overseas trip a “home run.” Watch the video below.

Trump is back in the U.S. after a whirlwind trip to cities abroad, where he had controversial interactions with foreign leaders. The president has deemed the meetings a success, though others viewed it differently. Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg asked, “How will this affect our relationships overseas? And do his supporters care?”

She responded to her own questions by saying, “I don’t care if his supporters care. This is no longer, ‘oh he’s doing his thing.’ This is endangering the world and I think foreign leaders are not happy with him.” Joy Behar, however, though it’s important whether his supporters care, because if they back away, it’s possible Republicans will “come to their senses and put country before party.”

Sara Haines said Trump’s “body language is speaking volumes,” and Sunny Hostin agreed it’s “so uncomfortable to watch when you see him pulling people.” She went on, “Those are his power moves. He’s trying to show dominance.” But Bila presented another view of Trump’s interactions. “That’s your perception, that’s not everyone perception,” she tried to stress, explaining, “I think if we’re talking about his body language, then that’s a win for him because we’re not talking about his content… The media is searching for something wrong that he’s doing.”

As Hostin tried to object, she and Bila started talking over one another, prompting Goldberg to chide, “Calm down, y’all! Everybody take a breath! Can’t hear anything!” When Hostin could respond, she insisted, “We are talking about his policies. We’re talking about his reluctance to engage with NATO… But more importantly, the other leaders think he’s a clown and think we’re a clown by association!

Goldberg was in her camp. “This is a dire situation. Whatever he was elected to do, other countries are speaking about us in ways they haven’t before,” she said, leading Bila to clarify, “I’m not defending the policy. I’m just defending the idea that elections have consequences.” Added Goldberg, “And there’s hell to pay.” Check out the video below.

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