“The View” Slams Donald Trump As “Liar” For Healthcare Flip-Flop (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Liar

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Liar


Donald Trump was slammed as a “liar” on “The View” on Thursday for flip-flopping on the Republican healthcare plan. Watch below.

Trump spent most of March advocating for the American Healthcare Act, repeatedly praising the bill and urging for it to be passed. But since the legislation failed last week, he has reversed course. Both he and Press Secretary Sean Spicer have disparaged the plan, all of a sudden saying it was a bad idea.

And after Trump again blamed the Freedom Caucus in a tweet on Thursday morning, the ABC talk show’s co-hosts weren’t having it. “I want to scream,” Jedediah Bila confessed. “This has me so twisted. I want to scream out ‘liars!'”

She went on, “First he supported the bill, then he bullied everybody, threatened them to support the bill. They weren’t having it. Thank you Freedom Caucus, by the way. Then he blamed Democrats for it. Now he’s on Twitter… Conservatives who voted for this guy and thought he was going to be your ally, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

Bila further said of the Freedom Caucus, “I’m glad they stuck it to him. I’m glad Steve Bannon and Donald Trump couldn’t bully them into anything.” Sara Haines brought up Trump’s previous support of the bill, and said this flip-flop is another example of “eroding trust.” She said, “This is so sad that you’re putting out there, on one level, going out all over media saying, ‘We’ve gotta get behind this, we got to stand together,’ and then saying, ‘Just kidding, we knew it was bad the whole time.'”

At that, Bila exclaimed in reference to Trump, “Liar!” Sunny Hostin said lying is the president’s “M.O.,” and thought this is a “real crisis.” Bila added, “When this guy was running, I said this guy is a phony. This guy stands for nothing.”

So why, Joy Behar wondered, do Trump supporters still stand by him? Whoopi Goldberg responded, “Because they desperately want him to be that guy [who will save them].” Still angry, Bila went on to declare, “He’s not principled!” Watch it all go down below.

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