“The View” Debates: Donald Trump Slams Leaks (VIDEO)

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The View Donald Trump Leaks

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump Leaks


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated Donald Trump slamming the leaks affecting his administration, leading to an argument among the panelists. Check out the video below.

Hours before the live episode, the president once again took to Twitter to rip the ongoing leaks, which he has blamed on intelligence agencies. Now on the talk show, Joy Behar said, “I was thinking about him today and how really not that bright he is. You make an enemy of the very people who have all the goods on you.” She went on to list troubling things that could be exposed about Trump by such enemies.

Sara Haines stressed that the intelligence agencies are “not partisan,” and said they’ve “proven there was meddling from a foreign power in our election. That is not arguable.” So, to her, the content of the leaks are important, but Jedediah Bila saw differently.

“My concern is that if they’re keeping information from the president… what is the motivation for that?” she asked, referring to a recent report that claimed Trump is not being fully informed. Behar said, “They don’t trust him because they think he’s irresponsible,” prompting Bila to shoot back, “But do you trust them?”

Whoopi Goldberg questioned why Trump is now slamming leaks when he previously embraced them. “What’s interesting is he was fine when Comey was giving out information [on Hillary Clinton],” she said, adding, “This is the thing I don’t get: Sometimes it’s okay, sometime it’s not, but you don’t know which it is until he makes a decision.”

But Bila went back to arguing that, “You can’t endorse leaking classified information no matter what the cause.” In her view, the content or purpose doesn’t matter. It culminated in the co-hosts yelling over each other as the right-leaning panelist faced off with her left-leaning co-stars. Interestingly, later in the show, Goldberg made it a point to note that while they may disagree, they are never “nasty” to each other. Watch below.

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