“The View” Slams Donald Trump Over Julian Assange, Intelligence Revamp

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The View Donald Trump Julian Assange

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump Julian Assange


“The View” co-hosts slammed Donald Trump on Thursday for citing Julian Assange and wanting to revamp U.S. intelligence agencies. Check out the video below.

Whoopi Goldberg had trouble keeping a straight face as she introduced the “hot topic,” and then she exclaimed in an exasperated tone, “What is happening?! What is going on?!” The first to speak at length about the latest controversies was Sara Haines, who called out the president-elect for seemingly being hypocritical.

“He ran on an ‘America first’ campaign, that we’re Americans first, regardless of party affiliation,” she pointed out. “We put our country first economically-speaking, when it comes to national security. Yet time and time again, rather than worrying about party lines, which he continually divides, he is siding over and over and giving credence to people like Putin and Julian Assange. This cannot be a part of a party thing. It has to be an American thing.”

Jedediah Bila argued that it’s “okay for him to say he’s concerned there may be some politicization of the agencies,” but she does not appreciate how Trump is going about the situation. “The problem is, he has sided against 17 agencies… and he’s making a mockery and saying, ‘Oh, there’s no way this stuff about Russia is real,'” she said. “And in the same breath now doing this [revamp plan], so it looks like you don’t have faith in the American system. You’re right, Sara, America should come first.”

Bila further questioned, “Also, what does ‘revamp’ mean? These generalities that he speaks in — who are you getting rid of? Why are you getting rid of them?” Both Goldberg and Sunny Hostin then agreed Trump was being intentionally vague so he could continue on seemingly unchecked. Watch below.

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