“The View” Reacts To Donald Trump Jr. Email About Russian Aid (VIDEO)

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The View Don Trump Jr email

By Shari Weiss |

The View Don Trump Jr email


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the claim Donald Trump Jr. received an email telling him Russia wanted to aid his father’s campaign. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, it recently emerged Don Jr. met with a Russian lawyer last year to get information about Hillary Clinton. It was then reported late Monday that he even knew an advance, due to an email, that Russian operatives wanted to assist Donald Sr. during the presidential election. The First Son, though, has downplayed the significance of the electronic correspondence and the meeting.

On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg has taken to calling Don Jr. “Fredo,” as in the character from The Godfather, and now noted he’s “living up to the nickname.” Explaining how he previously denied any Russian involvement last year, she suggested, “The Feds could get him on that. Lying.” Sara Haines agreed that this is a “game-changer.”

Said Sunny Hostin, “It’s always the lie that gets people in trouble. That was Nixon’s downfall. It’s always the cover-up.” She suggested Don Jr. might have been in “violation of federal campaign laws,” and reminded that this is a piece of the puzzle that may assist investigators. Joy Behar, meanwhile, was already declaring, “Lock him up!”

She further said, “I wonder if Donald Sr. is going to throw the boy under the bus… He’s capable of turning on his own son.” That led Jedediah Bila to ask, “What if Donald Trump Sr. is the one who told him to take this meeting? I have a hard time believing Don took this meeting and Donald Trump Sr. didn’t know.” Hostin even faked a cough when saying, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire. There seems to be a lot of smoke.”

The discussion unexpectedly took a turn when, during a commercial break, the panelists learned Don Jr. tweeted what he claims is the email in question. With copies of it printed out, Goldberg said when the show came back on air, “We’re trying to figure out why he would do that because what’s in here seems very, very clear and incriminating. So we’re kinda thinking this might’ve been out to say, ‘Gotcha!'”

She was suggesting the document is actually “B.S.,” and Hostin shared that thought, even noting Rachel Maddow recently said fake documents have been shopped to trick the media. Bila highlighted a line in the email that referred to “Russia and its government support for Trump,” and asserted, “That’s a problem… If Trump Jr. read this and went into that meeting with this knowledge, that’s a problem.”

But Behar thought, “Even Junior is not that stupid that he would put this out.” As Goldberg warned the eldest Trump kid that investigators are now “going to be up your behind like I can’t even tell you what,” Bila concluded this is “not a good look” whether the shared email was doctored or not. Check out the videos below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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