“The View” Donald Trump Impression Contest Judged By Darrell Hammond

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The View Donald Trump Impression Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump Impression Video


Darrell Hammond judged a Donald Trump impression contest on Monday’s “The View,” which happened to coincide with President’s Day. Check out the video below!

Prior to the competition, Hammond was asked about knowing Trump years before he went from mogul to politician. “You notice it’s almost impossible to insult him. He just deflects,” commented the comedian. Hammond had high praise for another president, Bill Clinton, whom he memorably impersonated a number of times.

Hammond also hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner during George W. Bush’s presidency. “I’ve never seen a president stop talking in the middle of a sentence because he’s lost interest in that sentence,” cracked the comedy star. Of his famous impressions, Hammond said, “If you’re lucky, you get to play them a number of time over the years, and it keeps involving.”

For the contest, the show partnered with The Laugh Factory to evaluate “three alternative Trumps.” The first contestant, a lawyer and comedian named David, cracked during his set, “It is so good to be back on ‘The View.’ I told them I would not return until they removed the spirit of Rosie O’Donnell.” Hammond said afterward, “I loved the attitude — ‘like the world could explode and I don’t care.'”

The second competitor, Bob, spent four months working on his act. Wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” and obviously covered in orange makeup, he joked, “Look at the beautiful women! Whoopi, I want to grope her!” After the bit, Hammond said, “It’s a great impression, no question about it. But the thing I’m really struck by is you have his inner-thought pattern, the way he would talk to himself. You have the most realistic Trump dialogue I have ever seen.”

Last up was John, a guy who had been practicing comedy his the age of five. “My Secret Service told me there are over 5,000 people here today. But the press, the terrible press, they’re going to say there’s only 180 in a small studio. Alternate facts,” he quipped. Hammond complimented, “It’s really brilliant. The best hands I’ve seen.”

But who won? Gossip Cop won’t spoil the outcome. Watch below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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