“The View” Blasts Donald Trump Immigration Crime Task Force (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Immigration Crime

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Immigration Crime


“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday blasted Donald Trump for announcing an immigration crime task force during his address to Congress. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, during Trump’s speech to Congress, he said he was starting VOICE, which stands for “Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.” The announcement received audible groans from the Democrats in the audience. Now the panelists on ABC’s talk show vocally hit back at the president, too.

Whoopi Goldberg said, “Here’s my question: If he is that serious, really serious about keeping us safe, white lone-wolf killers, like the one the other day, are a bigger threat to Americans than the undocumented citizens. Where is that task force? This is not the problem he has made it out to be.”

Sunny Hostin agreed, saying, “The Task Force for Common Sense Gun Control — we’re not going to see that.” Joy Behar pointed out that Trump didn’t make a single mention of Russia or “his boyfriend” Vladimir Putin. This new crime office, she argued, is “another distraction away from the real issue: What happened with him and Russia.”

An angry Goldberg went on to say, “I get that task forces are necessary, but I want a task force for the parents and children of the two men who were murdered. I want a task force for the six people who were praying in church and got murdered? I want a task force that talks about those kids in Sandy Hook. Where’s that task force? I mean, if you’re handing out tasks force things, then let’s make a task force that actually takes care of us, the citizens of the United States.”

Hostin again agreed, stating, “He’s saying one thing but doing another. It’s certainly his M.O.” She also stressed, “Crimes are illegal. Human beings are not.” And Sara Haines accused Trump of “fear-mongering,” saying, “Victims of crime are victims of crime. It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is.”

Jedediah Bila also admitted, “I think people don’t put a face to what’s happening here.” She confessed to making the “mistake” of using the term “illegal” and learning she was “wrong” to do so. “I had forgotten their humanity,” she said, adding, “Talk about people like they’re people.”

But, Goldberg said in response, “Once you bring the humanity into it, it makes it much harder to make edicts.” Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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