“The View” Reacts: Donald Trump Fires James Comey (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Comey Fired

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Comey Fired


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump firing James Comey. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump abruptly fired Comey on Tuesday, blaming his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Whoopi Goldberg called the move a “sharp turn,” and the ABC talk show played video clips of Trump previously praising the FBI director for his actions with that case. The last bit of footage showed the president even quipping that now Comey is more famous than him, prompting Goldberg to ask, “Is that what broke up the whole situation?”

Replied Sunny Hostin, “I think what broke it up is a criminal investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.” And Joy Behar cracked, “Hell hath no fury like an orange demagogue scorned.” Sara Haines suggested there’s a “silver lining,” wondering if there’s “actual evidence” incriminating Trump that led him to take action against Comey now.

Hostin went on to blast Trump for the firing letter he sent, in which he wrote that Comey told him three times that he’s not under investigation. A former prosecutor, Hostin called that a “compete and total lie,” arguing, “There’s no way the director of the FBI met with the target of the investigation to tell him he’s not a target.” Even Jedediah Bila questioned Trump’s motives.

While happy Comey was given the boot because he’s “been a problem for a long time,” Bila said the “timing of this… it doesn’t make sense.” She also said Trump can’t dismiss the outcry as “fake news” when “a lot of conservatives” are outraged, too. Bila declared, “This is not a fake story. This is highly suspicious.” Added, Goldberg, “Well, it can’t be a fake news story when you were praising the man [before].”

The moderator then said Rudy Giuliani has been named as a possible replacement for Comey. “Call me crazy, but I thought he was also under investigation… So I wonder if you-know-who forgot,” said Goldberg. Hostin even admitted she’s “crazed” by Giuliani being in the mix, and insisted, “We need to figure out what happens with the investigation now into Trump’s campaign interaction with Russia.”

All agreed that a special prosecutor is needed, but questioned how to find someone truly independent, given Trump’s tangled web. Bila urged Republicans to “stand together,” something Goldberg echoed. Check out the full video below.

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