“The View” Mocks Donald Trump Fake Time Magazine Cover (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Fake Time Cover

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Fake Time Cover


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts mocked Donald Trump for having fake Time magazine covers hanging on the walls of his golf clubs. Watch the video below.

It was reported on Tuesday that multiple golf courses that Trump owns feature a framed Time cover on which he appears to be the cover star. But the publication confirmed the issues are not real, and Trump was not featured on any such cover. Now the magazine wants the fraudulent covers taken down.

On the ABC talk show, the panelists first discussed Sarah Huckabee squaring off with a reporter at a press briefing whether the media is too partisan, and if certain outlets have made too many mistakes. Whoopi Goldberg then said of Trump, “This dude has retracted jack doo doo. And speaking of alternative facts, at least four golf courses owned by the current White House resident were asked to take down Time magazine covers that seem to feature him. Why did they want them taken down? Because they’re not real.”

“Do you think he’s unaware that these false things are up?” she asked her colleagues. Sara Haines questioned whether Trump was trying to be “funny,” but didn’t find hanging up fake Time covers to be particularly amusing. Joy Behar remarked, “It’s part of his PR thing.” The comedienne pointed to Trump allegedly calling outlets in the past and pretending to be a PR person.

Whatever the catalyst, Goldberg announced, “We have a couple of suggestions for replacements.” She then presented a series of fake covers that were actually hilarious. The first superimposed Trump on one of Michael Phelps’ Sports Illustrated covers, with all the Olympic gold medals hanging on his chest. The second depicted Trump as the Navy sailor in the iconic Life cover.

And the third, which may be the best, recreated Kim Kardashian’s infamous “break the internet” cover for Paper magazine. Goldberg also shared a fourth cover, which was actually real, but Gossip Cop won’t spoil what it was. Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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