“The View” Debates Donald Trump Compromised By Russia (VIDEO)

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The View Donald Trump Russia Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Donald Trump Russia Video


“The View” on Wednesday debated allegations that Donald Trump was compromised by Russia. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Tuesday night Buzzfeed published leaked memos alleging Russia had compromising information on Trump, and used that to influence the presidential election. While a fair amount of the claims have been doubted and others are unverified, the talk show’s panel still, well, talked it out. In fact, it was the very first “Hot Topic” on the episode, which happened to tape right as Trump was doing his press conference, which addressed the issue.

Whoopi Goldberg, playing off one of the more sordid claims, said to her co-hosts, “I do have to ask, because he’s being showered with allegations, is this a golden opportunity for Democrats, or will he be able to clean up these leaks?” More seriously, she then questioned why this “unsubstantiated” information is being shut down while others “ran” with “fake news” about President Obama being Muslim and a terrorist.

“Well, we’re gonna run with this, too,” Joy Behr announced, receiving laughs and applause. “I got my running shoes on.” Sunny Hostin noted of the information, “While they are unsubstantiated and unsourced, or unconfirmed, I think what we really need to be concerned about is the fact that our now future president could possibly be compromised by our Russian adversaries, and they could have information that could, I guess, blackmail him.”

Behar went on to claim she has her own “source,” and said, “So here’s the scenario: He becomes ‘president’… and the Russians can blackmail him about the boycotts, for example.” She went on, “So he lifts the sanctions, ‘because otherwise we’re gonna get you, sucker,’ and that’s why there’s a problem.”

Jedediah Bila commented, “If any of this is true, and is found to be true — and the FBI is currently investigating it, they’re doing their job — this is very problematic because the allegations are there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. And if you remember, a lot of people that opposed Hillary Clinton opposed her because they felt because of the email leak that she was potentially compromised.”

“Now many of those people all of a sudden don’t have a problem with any of these stores,” she said. “You know what? Question everything right now.” Sara Haines, meanwhile, argued, “For me, it doesn’t matter if this is true or not, and for this reason. I am not a proponent for fake news… but if for one second, Donald Trump finally gets the severity of letting a foreign power come in and now the story is against him, I think it would be worth it.”

She went on, “Because right now, Russia is proving how easy it is to divide this country. You plant one seed and it goes like wildfire.” Bila further called out Trump for “citing Russia as a verified source” to assert the claims are untrue. And Goldberg also contended, “The saddest thing is people jumped on what they thought was happening with Hillary Clinton without any factual information. It was all innuendo.”

“They’re giving this a pass, saying it’s not really real,” the moderator stated. “Well, here’s the deal: I’m taking it like it might be real, and I don’t want you compromising my country for your gain. I’m not happy with that.”

She added, “Y’all set the bar. You set this up. You said we should trust all this. Well, now we have to trust this, too.” Watch the full video below.

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