‘The View’ Debates Donald Trump Remaining Producer Of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (VIDEO)

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The View Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice

By Andrew Shuster |

The View Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated the news that Donald Trump will still remain executive producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice” while serving as president. Watch the video below.

During a “Hot Topics” segment on the daytime talk show, Joy Behar mentioned the story before joking, “I guess Mike Pence can deal with China and Syria while Donald weighs in on whether to fire Jon Lovitz.” She added, “Shouldn’t he be concentrating on others things, like say, learning to be president?” Co-host Jedediah Bila agreed, saying, “I think he has to shift his brand over. When you look at him right now, people are still in that mode of seeing him as a celebrity and not as a politician. Not as the leader of the free world.”

Bila further argued, “You can’t have your name on reality television and have that be part of your brand, and also have your brand be, ‘By the way I’m gonna decide whether or not we enter into nuclear war.’ You gotta pick one. Pick president.” But Candace Cameron Bure disagreed, noting, “There are a lot of executive producers that are just the money portion of it” and “not hands on.” She added, “I couldn’t imagine that he would be making decisions at this point. ‘The Apprentice’ has been on for 15 seasons. The show’s running on its own, he’s basically just going to take a paycheck from it.”

New co-host Sara Haines then jokingly asked, “If you get fired, do you get deported?” Behar laughed, but went on to argue, “He brags about how he’s not going to take a salary as president, but this is going to bring a lot more money than his salary as president.” Bure once again defended Trump’s decision, pointing out that “past presidents have made money off their book sales, even while they were president.” And finally, Paula Faris offered, “The only problem I have is maybe the conflict of interest with NBC. Is he going to try to curry favor with NBC because this is an NBC show? That’s my only concern.” Watch the full video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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