“The View” Slams Donald Trump Cabinet Meeting (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Cabinet Meeting

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The View Trump Cabinet Meeting


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts slammed Donald Trump over his Cabinet meeting. Watch the video below.

Trump held the first official meeting with his full Cabinet on Monday. As captured by cameras, the session began with each member gushing about the president and praising him for serving the country. That sparked criticism on Twitter, and fueled renewed debate about Trump’s ego.

Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists also took issue with what went down. Whoopi Goldberg introduced the footage, which was spliced together with classic scenes of romantic declarations in movies, where one character expresses his or her undying devotion to another. While the comparison sparked laughs, the co-hosts were also pretty fired up.

“It was surreal watching that, wasn’t it, though?” Sunny Hostin asked. Jedediah Bila stated, “Call me crazy, but I want a Cabinet meeting where they’re actually getting stuff done. It drives me crazy, because people all over the country work really hard to get people elected, and they believe in them, and they’re worried about jobs and they’re worried about healthcare.

Bila continued, “And then you see this, and this is what people hate about politics. I don’t think it’s Republican or Democrat. This is what politicians do. And you see it in the State of the Union Address every year when they get up and there’s all this pomp and circumstance.”

Interjected Goldberg, “You never see anything like this.” The moderator that mimed smoke-blowing. Joy Behar commented, “Reince Priebus says it’s a blessing. How much self-tanner does he have on his lips? To say it’s a blessing and kiss his butt like that, it’s nauseating.”

She went on, “And then Trump says… ‘no one has created more legislation than I have.’ Excuse me? What legislation has he done? He’s done none. Newt Gingrich is coming on in a little while. Let’s ask Newt!” Hostin further said, “What was obvious to me is we have a president with an approval rating of 34 percent. So in his Cabinet, in his White House, he needs that affirmation… I think he needs to feel loved.”

Bila responded, “When you’re doing stuff that’s actually really good, the policy speaks for itself. You don’t need to announce that you’re great. If you have to announce that you’re really great, there’s something missing. There’s something wrong. So don’t do that.”

Check out the full video below. And, for what it’s worth, Gingrich’s “The View” appearance didn’t go so well. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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