“The View” Reacts To Donald Trump Budget Proposal Hurting Poor, Tax Cuts For Rich – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Trump Budget Tax Cuts

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Budget Tax Cuts


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump’s budget proposal, which includes tax cuts for the rich while hurting the poor. Watch the video below.

Trump’s plans for budget additions and cuts were unveiled this week. That was especially timely for John Kasich’s appearance on the ABC talk show as a guest co-host. The former presidential candidate said, “Honestly, I think the rich are doing well. I kinda like tax cuts being directed at the middle class and the working poor… Let’s not worry about the top.”

Joy Behar said of the proposal, “It’s kind of ironic that people who are going to be hurt the most… are the exact people who voted for Trump. They’re getting screwed. Why do people vote against their own interest?” Kasich insisted it has “no chance” of passing, but the panelists were still concerned.

“Most people who get government benefits want to work. Nobody doesn’t want to work,” Whoopi Goldberg said about the misconceptions about people on welfare. Kasich noted, “It’s so important that you said this… We need to get to the root reason why people are poor.” But when he again insisted this proposal won’t be approved, Goldberg became angry.

She exclaimed, “You can say it’s not going to pass like everyone said this guy’s not going to get elected. You don’t know it!” Behar and Sara Haines still expressed reservations, too, with the latter saying, “”We have to take care of our own.” Goldberg even told Kasich, “I’m going to sit with you and I’m going to help you balance your budget and your going to get folks on your side to realize that the very people who put them in power are going to be the hungriest.” Check out the video below.

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