“The View” Slams Donald Trump Blaming Both Sides Again For Charlottesville, Debates Antifa (VIDEO)

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The View Trump Both Sides

By Shari Weiss |

The View Trump Both Sides


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts slammed Donald Trump for again blaming both sides in Charlottesville. They also debated the role of antifa. Watch the video below.

Hours before Trump signed the joint resolution condemning white nationalists and neo-Nazis on Thursday, he again told reporters that there was violence on both sides of the protests in Charlottesville. He claimed people are starting to realize, “‘Gee, Trump might have a point,'” and reiterated, “You got some very bad people on the other side also, which is true.” Now on the ABC talk show, which was on hiatus at the time of the original controversy, Whoopi Goldberg said the president “just couldn’t resist doubling down on his past comments.”

And contrary to his assertion that it’s “true” there were “bad people on the other side,” she declared, “Which is actually not true.” Goldberg said this an instant of a “talking point, where if you say it enough, it becomes real.” But when condemning neo-Nazis and fascists, “you don’t qualify that and start bringing in other things,” she argued. Paula Faris agreed, saying, “It should be in and of itself. White supremacism is awful in and of itself and there should be no moral equivalency.”

Joy Behar pointed out, “That’s his base. He needs to make them happy.” Faris, however, went on to bring up antifa and say they are a group on the left that is “predicated on violence.” Goldberg, however, cut her off to say there is no long-term evidence of such an organization. She insisted, “Antifa is one of those things that I don’t want to say the right but somebody came up with as a catchphrase so you can say there’s violence on the other side. But I don’t remember violent demonstrations before the guy that’s currently in [office].”

Faris claimed she had to hide from antifa while covering the inauguration, prompting Goldberg to ask when she first heard of the term. When she said in the last six months, Goldberg retorted, “That’s my point.” And Sunny Hostin remarked, “I had never heard of it. My understanding is that it isn’t doesn’t have a leader, it doesn’t have a headquarters. You can’t compare this with the KKK… This false equivalency, there’s something on both sides, is ridiculous.” She also went on to rip Trump for not taking responsibility for his contributing to racial tensions.

“He has to first talk about him[self] being complicit in that,” Hostin said, insisting, “His campaign was for angry white people… He needs to admit he’s the reason we’re seeing the racial divide.” Sara Haines agreed that Trump is wrong for trying to “equate that there’s equal offenses.” Added Hostin, “My fear with this term antifa [is] they’re trying to use it so they don’t stand up against hate. When is it wrong to stand up against hate? It is never ever wrong.”

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