“The View” Debates Democrats, Republicans And Divided Nation – WATCH VIDEO!

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The View Democrats Republicans Debate

By Shari Weiss |

The View Democrats Republicans Debate


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated the growing divide across the nation among Democrats and Republicans. Watch the video below.

The episode, which was pre-taped on Thursday, began with the panel discussing Donald Trump admitting he doesn’t have any tapes of Jamey Comey, despite his previous tease and threat. Joy Behar then brought up division in America, revealing, “I read an op-ed that said Americans are as divided as Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East. You can’t even talk to someone from the other party! And 73 million people hate the other side, in one study that they had. Hate!”

Jedediah Bila asked, “Do they hate the other side, though, in terms of people or do they hate the other side in terms of politicians?” She went on, “I’m a Libertarian, so I kind of hate both parties. That’s why I have some fun. But I think they say when they hate the other side, they don’t mean friends or family or people who think differently from them. They mean politicians in Washington on the other side for implementing policies they feel are bad for them and the people that they love. That makes sense to me.”

Sunny Hostin, however, noted that there are disagreements within families. “On Thanksgiving, I warned my mother. I was like, ‘There’s a safe room, and if you want to talk about politics, then you’re gonna go to the safe room and you’re not gonna ruin everyone else’s holiday,'” she admitted. The lawyer continued, “But I will say, I don’t hate anyone and I don’t hate a party, but I don’t understand some of the policies of the Republican party, because it’s supposed to be sort of the moral party, the family values party, and I don’t see that.”

Bila asked for examples, leading Hostin to say, “It bothers me that they don’t want to take care of the environment. It bothers me that they want to take away women’s rights. It bothers me that they’re not protecting the LGBTQ community. That is not Christian.” Bila wasn’t swayed by those points. “Okay, but that’s the way you’re looking at their policy. You’re seeing their policy from a lens that’s different from how they’re seeing their policy,” she responded.

She explaine,, “I’m a conservative and I would argue that I do care about climate change and the environment, but I didn’t support the Paris Accord because that, it wasn’t working, and I don’t want to hand our dollars over to countries to supposedly take care of something when there’s no accountability. I care about the LGBT community, but I also — I’m an LGBT advocate. I supported gay marriage before it was cool — but I also want to protect the religious liberties of institutions and businesses around the country. I don’t want the federal government imposing.”

Sara Haines called her colleague an “exception,” pointing out, “We also talked about the fact that oftentimes when you’re talking about union workers and people, the big companies that are ruling these people, it’s not in their best interest to support environments. So, there are a lot of conservatives that don’t support environment, because it doesn’t serve the mighty dollar.”

To Hostin it came down to, “Take care of your fellow man. That’s what Christianity is supposed to be about.” Bila shot back, “But that’s not the government’s job.” From there, the panelists discussed whether Mike Pence would be a better or worse president than Trump, given his economic successes and stances on gay rights. Check out the full video below.

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